TCI Series Book 1

A personal message from the author:

The series started essentially from my desire for a story with the diversity and depth of Star Wars while having the tone and general Maturity level of Game of Thrones.

Thus, after about a decade of putting it off, TCI was born. This series is my passion project and I love nothing more than hearing someone's feedback after finishing a book.

— Kretzge

A decade after the infamous Alavite invasion of his home planet and his people's subsequent imprisonment, Jakob Koss finds himself in the unenviable position of being among the last living Draekons left in the galaxy.

Mentored by a mysterious voice in his head, he manages to weaponize his race’s unique neon purple Shaz energy, which begins to erupt within him to an unprecedented degree. He utilizes this newfound power to lead a violent and bloody uprising, creating a passionate cry for freedom that reverberates throughout the cosmos. Jakob must now convince the leaders of the remaining free planets to unite by his side if they are to stand any chance against the theocratic Hand of Alavon and his so-called ‘Chosen Army’, who have oppressed and terrorized the galaxy for far too long.

Rise is the first entry in the Treaty of Cosmic Infidels (TCI) series — a five-part epic SFF saga driven by a diverse cast of charismatic and complex characters from across the cosmos.


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