“Unlocking a healthier you to love and be loved”

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places and faces?

Well, it's time for you to love and be loved by someone who shares your same beliefs and values. If not, you might as well turn down that dinner date, and say, “I've Got Dinner at Home”! Dinner is something you already have–look in that refrigerator! Yes, “no more” choosing a guy just because he looks good, yet makes empty promises! Remember, most women have the “for keeps” mentality, so it would be in your best interest to choose wisely!

In This Book You Will Discover:

  • The Meaning of True Love
  • How to Rebuild Self-Worth
  • The Reality of Relationships
  • How to Strengthen a Good Relationship

Disclaimer: “The guy that you're turning up your nose at, could be the one who will truly love you!”

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I’ve Got Dinner at Home was written out of love for sisters who look for love in all the wrong faces and places. My heart aches when I see a woman entangled in a destructive relationship with a man who does not reflect her values…I’ve been there! She may be a well-educated, Christian woman with the financial backing of the U.S. Mint but falls into the same pattern with the same type of man, over and over again.

As I study the life of women around the world, there’s this underlying theme, “women are seeking love!” Why is this? In many cultures even in the United States, women are taught that a relationship with a man brings happiness. That’s why the most well-intended man may run away because it’s too much pressure to make you happy all the time. Happiness (joy) comes from having a relationship with Christ. He validates you because you are valuable to Him. Any other relationship pales in comparison to His love, grace, and constant presence in your life. The Bible says that “He will never leave you nor forsake you.” No one else can affirm that!

I’ve Got Dinner at Home is a reminder that what you’re seeking, God has already given to you. The question is, “Don’t you have dinner at home?” Don’t answer because I see those mustard greens and cornbread in the fridge (LOL)! And for others, I see quinoa, avocado, and garden salad. So why is it that when a man asks you out to dinner, you get giddy and blush like a schoolgirl? Unconsciously, you feel valued when a man wants to be with you. Don’t say if you go out on a date and he opens the car door, Lord have mercy…you sometimes lose it. Then you call your girlfriend and tell her, “Girl he took me out to a 5-star restaurant, kissed my hand, and opened the car and restaurant door.” At this point, you may be smitten! Can I ask you a question, “can’t you take yourself out to a 5-star restaurant (save up for it), open your own car door and any other door?” So, don’t fall for the “Okie Doke!” Remember, some men (not all) are good at impressing women initially but can’t keep up the good deed. By the third date, they may even slam the door in your face—just saying!

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