Amongst the most important things to teach children is diversity. With the ever growing concern about racism and prejudice, it is vital to teach them about it at a young age. It is so they would carry that lesson till adulthood.

It is the parents’ responsibility to teach their kids how to appreciate, accept, and celebrate diversity and difference. Though, what is a good way to teach them about it that would truly stick to them?

Using children’s books is a good and effective way to start! Children tend to be visual learners. They prefer pictures, colors, and drawings over words and letters. By giving them children’s books about diversity, you would not only entertain them, but you will also teach them the value of humanity.

Read on to find the best new children's books on diversity to help educate your kid.

Makenzie & Friends, by Denisha Branch

This tells the story of Makenzie, a young little girl who made friends all over the globe. Despite the language barrier, Makenzie and her friends found a way to make it work. This book features the diversity of culture. This shows the beauty of pure and genuine friendships of different people from around the world.

This small group of kids had worked through their differences to form a bond and friendship that they would treasure and carry with them till they were older. This book tells and teaches kids that we are also the same while we are different from one another.

Makenzie & Friends promote diversity, love, friendship, and positive behavior. The book leaves a great message that will touch the hearts of its readers.

Antiracist Baby, by Ibram X. Kendi

This book is a perfect way to introduce and teach your children about racism. Antiracist Baby Board Book uproots racism both within ourselves and in our society. It broaches the power and concept of antiracism in a way that will let your kids catch up and understand.

This children's book is filled with brightly colored drawings and pages that include nine steps to build and establish a less prejudiced and more equitable society. It teaches kids how to recognize racist thoughts and how to dismantle them. It educates young minds on the power of change and difference.

Antiracist Baby Board Book played with bold art, cute rhymes, and artistic color to convey their message; embrace antiracism.

Sulwe, by Lupita Nyong'o and Vashti Harrison

Sulwe is different from everyone else. Her skin can be compared to the midnight sky. Sulwe's skin tone is considered the darkest in her family. In fact, it is the darkest compared to anyone from school!

Sulwe didn't like that fact. She just wanted to belong, be like everyone else. Sulwe wanted to have skin like her mother and sister. Like anyone else.

It was all she ever wished and hoped for. One magical journey had changed, not just her skin but also her entire life.

Nyong'o and Harrison banded together to create a magical and whimsical story that can inspire their readers to appreciate and love their own unique beauty. They crafted a masterpiece that promotes diversity and acceptance of oneself.

When Stars Are Scattered, by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed

This story is focused on the lives of Omar and Hasaan. They lived most of their lives in a refugee camp in Kenya called Dabaab. Their life always had been hard and riddled with challenges. They barely get by every day, but they were together, which matters the most.

But that will change when Omar is allowed to study at a school. Omar is thrilled by the idea, but that joy immediately sobered up when he realized that he needed to leave his brother behind.

This children’s book is jam-packed with heartache and hope. It dabbles on the day-to-day life of Somalian refugees and how they struggled. It also leaves an inspiring message about opportunity, hope, and diversity.

Say Hello!, by Rachel Isadora

Carmelita is a young and sweet girl who loves to greet everyone in her neighborhood. There were so many people around that came from different cultural backgrounds! As she greets them, they all greet her back in their own unique way.

And now Carmelita knows how to say hello in multiple languages. She can greet in English, African, Spanish, Japanese, French, and many more languages! As for her dog, Manny… Well, he greets everyone back with his cute and happy little ‘woof'.

Rachel Isadora's book is filled with art of colourful stores, ice cream trucks, and small animals, giving her readers a good view and peek at Carmelita's neighbourhood. The story emphasized an American neighbourhood’s rich diversity. Carmelita's simple greetings and story promotes love and appreciation for different languages.

Black Is a Rainbow Color, by Angela Joy

This masterpiece tells the story of a child who contemplates the meaning of ‘black’ in this world. This book entails a brief but informative history of Black History and Culture, all told in the eyes and voice of a young child.

It also incorporated an adequate dose of historical misrepresentations and references about the real-life events, hurdles, and struggles of African Americans. The author and illustrator sought to inform the readers of the challenges they have to go through every day.

This book delivers an inspiring message and aspires to broaden the understanding of the readers about the topic. This encourages readers to explore and be intrigued by Black Culture.

Just Like Me, by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

This book is filled with fantastic art and engaging short stories about girls: stories of girls who adore and appreciate their bodies, and those who don’t. Tales about city or country girls. Short narratives about girls who love their mothers and girls who wished they had fathers.

Just Like Me is an uplifting, engaging, and promising book that is brimming with positivity and love. It teaches readers different lessons, such as diversity, acceptance, friendship, hope, and understanding. With Vanessa’s fetching writing style and her way with unique patterns and bright colours, this book invites its readers to continue up to the last page!

All Are Welcome, by Alexandra Penfold

This is focused on a school that fully embraces its students, regardless of gender, race, and ethnicity. The school offers young kids a safe haven where they can make friends and develop their potential. It is also a place where they can feel loved and appreciated.

The story follows a group of young children as they go through a day in school. A group of kids that came from different cultural backgrounds. In a world filled with hate and prejudice, these children have found a place where they are welcomed and celebrated.

The book leaves a powerful message about embracing differences, accepting oneself, and being kind. It takes the readers on a fun and heart-warming journey about acceptance, love, and diversity.

The Day You Begin, by Jacqueline Woodson

Everyone, at one point, felt like an outsider. Though some always felt that way, The Day You Begin is a realistic and gentle introduction to the challenges kids entering a new school might encounter.

Upon entering that classroom, they will always feel different, like an outsider. This book embraces diversity and difference. It is versatile as it can support kids with different skin color and race. It also embraces kids that have a disability, kids who are not athletic, or those who are poor.

This book by Woodson and López is a breath-taking portrayal of cultural diversity. It tells the story of what it feels like to be an outsider. It highlights the struggles of being and feeling different as they grapple with living in a harsh and judgemental world.

Pink Is for Boys, by Robb Pearlman

This book is timely as it makes the readers explore and rethink stereotypical blue/pink gender colours and binary. It teaches kids and grown-ups to accept and express themselves in every colour in the rainbow as they like! It also highlights the idea that colour has no gender.

It features a group of diverse characters that are both relatable and exciting. This book gives the message that kids should not limit themselves to what is expected of them. Girls can like blue and play with guns. Boys can like pink and play dress up.

With Pearlman’s exceptional writing and Kaban’s stunning art, Pink is for Boys busted and broken down gender colour stereotyping. It reached out a powerful lesson that all colours can suit any gender.

Diversity is a subject that is sensitive and controversial. It is vital that kids at least know a bit about this topic. They need to be properly educated on the rights and wrongs about diversity to prevent them from committing mistakes that could possibly hurt others or themselves.

You can start teaching them by having them read the best new children's books on diversity available on the market! You can even add in some extra bonding time by reading the books to them! It will surely be a fun and educational experience for your kids!