Beyond the Tree House Trilogy Book 1

Ten-year-old Timmy Carlton’s life takes a dramatic twist when the ancient book he buys in Rome beckons him to a mystical tree house—a portal into an abandon mine of a lost civilization. Inside Timmy meets Aleday, a klom who shares the book’s secrets tell of humanity’s past and its future demise. But nothing prepares Timmy for what Aleday reveals next—the book selected Timmy to save humanity.

The Mission

Aleday enlists Timmy’s help to stop Bauchloss, a robotic ghost creature wanting to revive the underwater world Sidonia to its original Atlantis-like glory, threatening to reshape the universe, as we know it.

The Realm of GoldOro is a tale of discovery and heroism with Timmy battling a dark force on a perilous journey to win the freedom of his friend, Sakura and other children, forced to mine gold for Bauchloss’ cause, in a world where he may never return.


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