Poetic protagonist in thriller? Suspenseful mystery or psychological reads? We love poems in novels, it sure sounds interesting to mix poetry with fiction novels especially if it is a fast-paced thriller book.

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Bone Flake: A Poetic Maniac, by Keith J. Beasley

This is a remarkable fiction novel based on a young adult's life who marveled in a sport until finding himself caught up in trouble which leads him to jail. Upon his release, he faces an entirely different world where he faces challenges like no other would face. He is granted superpowers in exchange for being taken out of jail and trained to use them for catching drug dealing crooks spread across the city.

In his pursuit to fight crime, he meets the love of his life. Due to his inability to survive without a dose of superpowers, he soon starts to face the consequences of teaming up with wolves dressed up as sheep. When the protagonist witnesses the murder of his lovers father by accident, he goes rogue and attempts to take down the sole people he was working for. Read more to find out the thrilling conclusion.

Our Song, Memento Mori, by Pg Lengsfelder

Father Jamie “Blu” Bluterre struggles with addiction, and his career hangs by a thread. Ordered to conduct an inquiry into a heroic firefighter's attempted suicide, he believes it's his final chance to find salvation. And though he's initially convinced this is a mere exercise in dogma, he's stunned when his investigation reveals that dark forces want the comatose fireman dead.

Dream Girl, by Laura Lippman

After being injured in a freak accident, novelist Gerry Andersen lies in a hospital bed in his glamorous but sterile apartment, isolated from the busy world he can see through his windows, utterly dependent on two women he barely knows: his young assistant and a night nurse whose competency he questions.

But Gerry is also beginning to question his own competency. As he moves in and out of dreamlike memories and seemingly random appearances of a persistent ex-girlfriend at his bedside, he fears he may be losing his grip on reality, much like his mother who recently passed away from dementia.

Serial Killer Thrillers, by William Cook

An eclectic miscellany of psychological horror/thriller stories, verse, and ephemera, wherein the subject matter relates to the study of serial homicide and the aesthetic portrayal of such an act. In other words, themes of death and murder abound in this horrific collection brought to you by William Cook.

Vengeance, by H. Bryant Cook

Homicide Detective Florin Schneider is dreading his approaching retirement when an intriguing case falls into his lap. It’s a case he cannot ignore. Forty years ago his wife was abducted and murdered and the man he is now assigned to track and capture is the same man who saved his life and avenged his wife’s death. Schneider and his partner of three years, Sohyeon Park, must find the killer and Schneider must decide if he can bring him to justice. Along the way will be unearthed secrets about the killer’s life, his loves, and a conspiracy at the highest levels of government that officials will go to any lengths to hide.

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