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I have worked as a comedian and comedic musician since the early 2000s in NYC. I had the pleasure of meeting many famous comedians and I had a great time performing as a comedian during that time. (Some of them even endorsed this book!) In 2016 when I had a baby, I realized that touring would be a challenge — can't just pop the baby into overhead. So I started writing more – mostly parenting and satire. I landed pieces in McSweeney's, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Atlantic and more. I began to miss touring less and less and loving writing humorous stuff more and more. I pitched a few books to an indie publisher and they signed me to write two of them–this one and a book of funny parenting stories, That book will be out in 2021. I wrote Dumb Jokes For Smart Folks during the pandemic, and I am so grateful that I had something fun and entertaining to do while I was on lockdown with my toddler. I hope you enjoy it and find as much joy in reading it as I found in writing it.

— Jessica Delfino

It’s time for moms to take back the corny dad joke.

Dumb Jokes for Smart Folks delivers a grown-up spin on the quintessential children’s joke book. Chock-full of silly wordplay and looney leaps in logic, this collection touches on a variety of topics and themes, from the great outdoors, to parenting, music, and recreational cannabis. Perfect for readers who wish to reconnect with their inner-child or anyone who enjoys a good guffaw- or groan-worthy joke.

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