Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for Cooking with Young Bakers (Kids Baking Cookbook)

The Big Book for Little Bakers

Looking for fun and creative ways to keep your little ones busy and have a great time bonding with them?

The Big Book for Little Bakers offers over 150 fun and easy recipes for children and adults. Baking provides several beneficial skills to children including enhanced hand-eye coordination, increased strength, improved reading comprehension, and math skills.

Who doesn’t want that with a little dessert? The Big Book for Little Bakers provides the opportunity for your little ones to ignite their creativity and build their confidence in the kitchen.

The Big Book for Little Bakers covers all of the best areas of baking:

  • Cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Cookies
  • Bars
  • Pies
  • And No-Bake Treats

Bake On Little Bakers, and Don't forget to post your creations! Buon appetite!

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Excerpt from The Big Book for Little Bakers © Copyright 2023 Mackenzie Mattis

Baking Basics

Baking not only allows you to bond with your little ones but also helps them sharpen key
skills such as measuring, following instructions, and patience. This chapter serves as a
guide to walk you through the basics of baking and kick off this culinary adventure on
the right track.

Let us discuss first the essential tools and equipment needed for a successful baking
session with kids.

  1. Mixing bowls: Choose mixing bowls that are deep enough for children to keep
    Ingredients contained while stirring. Opting for nesting mixing bowls in different sizes
    means they can be easily stored when not in use.
  2. Measuring cups and spoons: Accurate measurements are key when baking, so invest
    in a good set of measuring cups and spoons. Providing children with their own measuring
    tools can help them gain confidence in their baking abilities.
  3. Whisks and rubber spatulas: Whisks help incorporate air into batters, while rubber
    spatulas allow young bakers to scrape down sides of bowls, ensuring every bit of
    ingredient is incorporated.
  4. Baking sheets and parchment paper: A quality non-stick baking sheet paired with
    parchment paper will prevent cookies from sticking and save time spent scrubbing pans
    clean afterward.
  5. Rolling pin: When it comes to rolling out dough, selecting a rolling pin with easy-togrip handles will make the process more enjoyable for kids.
  6. Cookie cutters: To engage children further, consider purchasing various shapes of
    cookie cutters for added creativity.
  7. Cake pan or muffin tin: For experimenting with cakes or muffins, invest in a non-stick
    cake pan or muffin tin suitable for your oven size.
  8. Cooling rack: A cooling rack is essential for allowing baked items to cool down before
    decorating or consuming.

Now that we have covered the primary tools and equipment needed, it is important to
emphasize measuring and weighing Ingredients when baking with children.

Measuring and weighing Ingredients accurately play a significant role in ensuring
consistent results. It teaches youngsters the importance of precision and attention to

Here are some tips to keep in mind when introducing children to this crucial baking

  1. Teach children the difference between wet and dry measuring cups. Wet
    Ingredients should be measured using a clear, graduated liquid measuring cup,
    while dry Ingredients should be measured with nested, stackable measuring cups.
  2. Explain how to properly measure dry Ingredients by using the scoop-and-level
    method. To do this, gently scoop the ingredient into the appropriate measuring
    cup, then level off the top surface of the ingredient with a straight edge such as
    the back of a knife.
  3. Demonstrate how to measure wet Ingredients by pouring them into a liquid
    measuring cup set on a level surface. Encourage children to get down at eye level
    with the line marking the desired measurement to double-check accuracy.
  4. Introducing weighing scales can benefit older children who are eager to take their
    baking skills further. Digital kitchen scales are easy to use and make it simple for
    young bakers to ensure ingredient accuracy
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