Welcome to the World of Blockchain

Have you ever wondered why global companies like Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan, Amazon, Oracle Corporation, and several others are getting involved with blockchain technology? With the current rate of development and adoption of blockchain, it is unwise for governments, individuals, corporations, and regulatory authorities to dismiss the hype surrounding distributed ledger technology.

What if we are a few steps away from a drastic shift from the centralized, inflexible, and old systems to a new decentralized model that is fully collaborative?

Is it possible to have a new decentralized model that ensures transparency, security, and safety of all transactions?

Well, this paper has the answer to these questions and several others!

Of course, blockchain technology is not magic as some writers may claim. If you are searching for information regarding blockchain that is not hype but based on both actual events that have already happened in the space as well as reasonable forecasts made by experts in different fields, then this book is what you have been searching for.

Are you ready for a decentralized world? Here is your compass! Let’s begin!

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