The Hand of God Book 1

In 1248, the fervent religious atmosphere in France is stirred by the young King Louis IX's call for a new crusade. As he prepares and unites his noblemen for this holy endeavor, a failed assassination attempt on his life raises questions about who would dare challenge the Frankish crusade to the Holy Land. The mysterious and powerful Catholic faction, ‘The Order of the Hand of God,' steps in to investigate. They assign one of their finest agents, Leonardo, a warrior priest renowned for his intelligence and ruthlessness, to uncover the truth. Tasked by a Cardinal from the Papacy, Leonardo is unwavering in his determination to find the perpetrator.

Leonardo's journey to expose the traitor is far from straightforward and leads him through diverse and challenging terrains. From navigating the shady backstreets of Paris to traversing the scenic hills of Cyprus and the distant lands of Outremer, his quest is fraught with dangers. He encounters and combats criminal gangs, engages in duels with unscrupulous knights, and mingles with the French aristocracy in his relentless search for answers. However, as he delves deeper into the investigation, Leonardo realizes that the conspiracy is more intricate than he anticipated, and he might be facing a challenge that tests him to his limits.

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