Illustrated by Ana Katharine Frota

A personal message from the author:

The book is inspired in real events. On a given day we were doing the cleaning and all of a sudden we saw this huge RAT hanging on the curtain. We tried to find it but it just vanished. It was then when my wife begged me to get her a cat. Two days later we heard a kitten mew in a nearby construction site. My wife was pregnant at the time. I had the illustrator include my son. One day the cat disappered and fell in a hole and we had to rescue him. Unfornately he disappeared about a year later and we found out he'd been killed. So the book is a tribute to him.

— Seth Clay

Don't be fooled, this is not the ordinary cat and mouse chase!

Rascal is a cute (and lazy!!) stray kitty that is found in a construction site and is adopted by Beth, a dedicated mother who loves to spoil him. What he doesn't know is that there's a pesky mouse at home, Crumbles. He's been chewing on everything he finds and making a mess.

Feeling sad and frustrated, Beth begs her kitty to get off his comfy cushion and go after the silly rodent. The chase leads cat and mouse back to the construction site and there, something unexpected happens. How do you think this chase will end? Will Rascal ever be able to restore peace and make Beth happy again?

Based on real events, “The Careless Kitty” is brilliantly illustrated and explores themes such as love, friendship, cooperation and how important it is to love and care for pets. Don't miss out on this fun and engaging story for the whole family to enjoy!

Recommended age level 4-8 years


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