Book Marketing for Self-Published Authors

Message from the author:
“The funny thing I have been working with more than 200 books in my life as a marketing expert, but I have never had a slightly chance to work with my own. Now I feel I forget everything and I'm a newbie marketer.
My favorite part was when I wrote the book is to share experiences, that I couldn't discuss with partners in such detail. In everyday projects simply there is no space for such a long discussion, this kind of space only opens in a book.
I tried to give a unique structure for the book: One task for every day. When I re-read the first two weeks I thought, it isn't still realistic to spend so much time with marketing so I kept the one task per week form after 30 days and of course, these are the longer marketing bits.” — Joel

First of all, I swear you won't find marketing bullshit in this book:

  • No “social media is the king” crap
  • No “just order a gold marketing package” and problem is solved
  • No “do a giveaway” or “kindle free promotion” and everybody will buy your book

Today having an excellent book with an great idea isn't enough for success. Over 2,000,000 books published every year, don't expect the crowd to pick up your book and say “it is a masterwork” even if it is.

I collected all the working marketing steps for those who want to make an impact with their books. You won't find any of the words “strategy” or “planning” in this book. I'm a practical guy and so I try to keep the bullshit and time-wasting things away from you, but I deeply believe that there are methods that should be shared with the new authors who have limited resources to do marketing.

I'm focusing mainly on KDP authors since it is the best platform to publish indie books in 2019. You will find small steps (not time-consuming), and some bigger steps in this short book which will be effective in long term. I tried to keep these steps in a linear timeline as it may happen even in real life.

I hope you will enjoy reading this book, and you will find some useful resources and unique tactics that will raise your book out from the crowd.

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