From Busyness to Mindfulness and Inner Peace

The Flying Lake offers a journey into the world of inner peace through a story deeply rooted in the beauty of nature and profound life lessons. The book skillfully combines philosophical storytelling with mindfulness fiction, creating a space for readers to explore the tranquility and wisdom that lie within its pages. Each turn of the page invites the reader on a reflective journey, much like looking into a calm lake, where the beauty of nature mirrors the inner quests of the human spirit. It's a book that appeals to those who love transformational fiction, encouraging a pause to ponder life's deeper meanings in a way that feels like a personal exploration of the mind.

This book goes beyond inspirational literature by acting as a reflection of the quiet yet powerful currents of change and understanding within each of us. The Flying Lake celebrates the quiet strength found in stillness, leaving its readers with a profound sense of calm and a renewed appreciation for the subtle forces that shape our lives. It's a story that connects the reader to the heart of what it means to find peace with oneself and the world, offering a path to inner tranquility and insight through a narrative that's as engaging as it is soothing.

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Excerpt from The Flying Lake © Copyright 2024 Tai Phan


In an era overwhelmed by information and driven by the relentless pace of technology, ‘ The Flying Lake' offers a sanctuary for thought. This book extends an invitation: to pause, to ponder, and to find peace in the stillness that lies beneath the surface of our busy world.

It is a tale that sails across the calm of a reflective lake and takes flight with the grace of a bird, inviting us to explore deep themes of consciousness, change, and the everlasting ties that bind us to those we cherish.

Allow this narrative to guide you to still waters of contemplation. Here, within the quietude, may you behold life’s authentic splendor.

The Flying Lake' is not just a story, but a journey within, a conversation with the inner self. The lake, a mirror of the mind, reflects all the ‘noises'—thoughts, emotions, actions— illuminated by the sun’s wisdom. A boy, embodying wonder, reminds us of the curiosity that lives within. A father, symbolizes the sage within, our ageless knowledge, and a bird, in its flight, symbolizes the freedom of pure awareness.

Turn these pages to venture deeper into the landscape of self, where the characters speak a universal language—the language of life’s timeless truths.

As you delve into this book, you'll be introduced to a concept central to our narrative: “The Noise.” This term encompasses the myriad of distractions and disturbances that cloud our daily lives – the external sounds of the world, as well as the internal tumult of thoughts, emotions, and overthinking that often dominate our minds.

Through the metaphor of a lake, representing the mind, we explore how life's disturbances are like ripples on water, obscuring our view of life's true beauty. The Noise is not just the physical sound around us but also the internal chaos of worry, frustration, and desire.

This book invites you to understand The Noise as both an external and internal phenomenon. By recognizing and understanding it, you may find a path to the stillness and clarity beneath – a serene lake of mindfulness and inner peace.

Welcome to ‘The Flying Lake', a journey of discovery, where the ripples of The Noise will guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.


 IN THE CORNER OF THE WORLD WHERE time had taken a pause, a father and son had
built a sanctuary of love and understanding. The air

carried the scent of freshly cut grass, enriched by the distant laughter of children.

The young boy, flush from running, looked up at his father, his eyes wide and curious. “Dad, what's it like to grow up?”

Mixed emotions washed over the father—nostalgia, pride, and a hint of sadness for the innocence that would inevitably fade. “Come, let's take a trip,” he said, his voice deeper than usual, hinting at the significance of what was to come. The son, sensing a change in the air, followed eagerly. Together, they walked a winding path, each turn revealing glimpses of a breathtaking lake ahead, its surface a pristine mirror reflecting the encircling forest. A rustic wooden bench, seemingly set by nature itself, invited them to sit.

“Let's sit and take this in,” the father suggested, his eyes absorbing the scene like an artist selecting his next masterpiece.

Though sitting still was not his strong suit, the son felt the weight of his father's tone and complied. For a moment, the world seemed to hold its breath.

The father turned his gaze to his son's eyes. “So, you're curious about growing up, aren't you?”

“Yeah, it sounds like a lot of fun!” the son replied, his eyes sparkling with the thrill of untapped adventures.

Searching those eyes, a kaleidoscope of innocence and curiosity, the father hesitated. How to convey the complexity of growing up? “It is fun, but it's also filled with a range of feelings,” he finally said, a blend of caution and encouragement in his voice.

“Like what?” The boy's eyes were like cups, eager to be filled to the brim.

The father's eyes crinkled as he chuckled. “Do you want me to spoil the game before you play it?”

Disappointment briefly clouded the boy's face as he pondered his father's words. “So, you won't tell me?”

The father leaned in, his voice dropping to a whisper. “I can offer hints, but only if you observe in silence. Up for the challenge?”

A knightly resolve filled the boy's eyes. “I want to know. I'll sit quietly and watch.”

“Then let's allow the lake to be our teacher,” the father said, his hand sweeping toward the tranquil waters.

“Sounds good to me,” agreed the boy. And so they sat, each in their own world yet connected by silence, open to the wisdom the lake might offer in its eternal serenity.

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