Managing in the Age of AI

In The Future of Work, Nicos Rossides explores how artificial intelligence is changing the way we work. The book traces the evolution of work from ancient times to a future dominated by AI, showing how job structures are shifting towards more flexibility and adaptability.

Rossides discusses the significant role AI plays in the workplace and how it challenges traditional employment and workspace norms. He provides a roadmap for leaders and managers on how to integrate AI into business practices while maintaining ethical standards and focusing on human values.

The book goes beyond technical aspects and managerial strategies. Rossides encourages readers to rethink their work-life priorities and aim for fulfillment beyond traditional career paths. He promotes a vision where technology supports human efforts and helps maintain core values in both professional and personal lives.

This book is an essential guide for understanding the interplay between human creativity and technological advancement. It is ideal for business leaders, managers, and anyone looking to navigate the complexities of work in this new era, ensuring a balance between tech-enabled growth, human values and dignity. The author is currently visiting professor of management at Minjiang University, Fuzhou, China.

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