A famous actor gets trapped in a virtual futuristic world where he has to die everytime to get out of it.

In the glamorous world of Hollywood, David Hurrelgan appears to have it all: fame, fortune, a devoted wife, and loyal friends. But when he becomes ensnared in the enigmatic realm of “Amintor,” his reality takes a chilling turn.

Trapped within a futuristic virtual world, David faces a harrowing ultimatum: to escape, he must surrender his life and awaken in the real world. Each death within Amintor inflicts a visceral agony, blurring the lines between virtual and reality. Compounding his ordeal, David finds himself involuntarily drawn into Amintor whenever he sleeps.

As David grapples with this surreal predicament, he embarks on a quest for answers. Who is behind his entrapment in Amintor? And can he uncover a means to break free from its suffocating grip?

Join David Hurrelgan on a riveting journey of self-discovery and survival as he confronts the dark forces that threaten to consume him. Will he find a way to evade Amintor's clutches forever, or will he succumb to its insidious allure?

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