The Sawtooth Legacy Book 1

Thirteen-year-old Tater Thompson embarks on an epic bow hunt of legendary proportion in this can’t put it down, fun to read aloud country style adventure—about a Mysterious White Buck, a boy's love for his Dog, two ruthless Bullies and a Mountain with Secrets.

Tater discovers the Legendary Ghost Deer—a powerful white buck as big as an elk with a massive rack of antlers and a mysterious past. He forsakes his family's rough stock heritage of unwavering integrity and courage, giving way to fear, making a bet with two ruthless brothers now threatening to take his best friend—an old Blue Heeler dog named Bandit. Struggling to prove himself a man, Tater embarks on a coming-of-age journey, as he faces unbeatable odds in a battle to win his dog's freedom.

Tater learns to overcome self-doubt and fear as he faces a mountain filled with mystery, surprise, and danger. He discovers clues of a secret mountain people and faces life and death struggles against storms, wolves, and a forest of wild animals, testing him to his core, as he discovers true freedom from the prisons within himself.

Faced with hard choices and tough decisions—he learns core values and virtues of courage, integrity, fortitude, forgiveness, reliance on God, and the worth of freedom—in an epic tale of sacrifice, love, and doing the right thing even when it's hard.

The Ghost Deer, Book One of the Sawtooth Legacy Series, is a good, clean, multi-generational family story of courage, persistence, forgiveness, and growth.

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