A journey to the astonishing world where culture, nature, positive psychology and psychotherapy join together

The Mindful Brain is a meeting place between professional basic issues of psychology, positive psychology, psychotherapy, mind and brain, and human life, from the 21st -century perspective, together with a futuristic fictional story.

Norman, the main protagonist of the story, is an international press correspondent who came to Israel a few years ago. After his girlfriend Tal hits the road on a voyage of self-exploration to the famous Ashram on the island of Lesbos, Norman decides to leave on his own lifetime journey to look for answers to existential dilemmas that have preoccupied him since long ago. After a brief but staggering visit to an old friend who found his safe haven in a small village in Brittany, France, Norman left for Paris, where he met the enigmatic amazing old Kim.

Kim presents Norman with bewildering existential Koan riddles and unveils before him a new conception of psychopathology and psychotherapy and their relations to the riddle of the brain-consciousness relationships. These pointed Norman to a new way of thinking which went beyond the common conceptual paradigms and opened the gate to his in-depth understanding of his inner world and the world in which we live. The last chapters describe the sermon on the mountain in which Norman integrates all the groundbreaking insights that emerged during his journey, into a whole unified view of the meaning of the human story.


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