Unlock the Hidden Power Within You

There is a power flowing within you that can unveil your deepest potential. It is your birthright, a universal right, and its only wish is for you to reach out and utilise its power. When you reach out and sincerely ask for help, it responds. It begins to move within you, through and around you and as a result of your effort to recognise this power, you will begin to see its positive effect in your life. However, this power cannot be bought; it must be developed with strong desire and creativity.

The book revealed the knowledge and mystery of poverty and why it exists in a world of rich abundance is addressed and decisively answered by stating fundamental laws that all need to be aware of. We can choose to follow the road map which will keep us on the road to the life of prosperity, we have free will, we can either apply the knowledge or slam the door, the choice is in our hands.


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