The Seven Epaulettes of Leadership is a close quarter resource on the topics of leadership and relationships. Leadership without the benefit of relationship to the people we are leading is bullying. Now, it may not be possible to have a personal relationship with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of employees, but your relationship to and with your subordinate leaders (Continuity of Leadership), should transcend rank and title from you, through them, to the customer.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • How effectively are you leading your purpose and managing your principles?
  • What are the signs of cross-coaching, and how to protect your team from it?
  • Are people following you or just following your orders?
  • Are we complaining or campaigning our way to success?
  • How does Leadership differ from Applied Leadership?
  • Are your relationships scalable?
  • Can your relationships be described as situational or conditional?
  • Workplace culture and time – are they your supportive companions or unforgiving adversaries?
  • What’s your nomenclature?
  • Continuity of Leadership Chain


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