Twenty-Two” ~

Trapped in a web of the past and the future, they, like her, have no names.

Twenty-two and the others are lost inside the frigid Dome. Her only sources of heat is her friend, Fifteen, and cracking of a whip across her back… until she’s transferred to a new worksite. Now, she must not only navigate a new place and a new language; she also must learn to live life as a Black worker and survive abject hostility.

Atom ~

Atom is his name. His aim is to keep her alive over five days with sheer ruthlessness, but behind the seemingly feeble façade, is a strong Black soldier who vows to keep her safe from harm and help her fight her way out of trouble. He may hold the key between her past and future, but can he be trusted?

Novak ~

An uncontrollable mighty force whispers into his mind, warning him of the power and the adversity he will soon face.

Others see him as weak. Fate tells him he’s a mercenary.

Now he must break free, overcome his fears, and embrace the unknown for the greater good.


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