The Planetary Fixer Trilogy Book 1

Zaelen Skyreaver, a seasoned Planetary Fixer, navigates unexpected challenges and clashes with Qi-cultivating martial artists as he endeavors to save a civilization from a horde of monsters.

He’s not a hero, just a man doing his job.

Dive headfirst into the captivating universe of “The Planetary Fixer Trilogy Book 1: The Wanderer,” where the seasoned Planetary Fixer, Zaelen Skyreaver, stands at the threshold of retirement, ready to grapple with his final mission. On the surface, it seems like a straightforward task—thwart an impending horde of menacing monsters, and voilà, mission accomplished. But alas, the universe revels in twisting fate. The planet he's been assigned to, unlike any other, teems with Qi-cultivating martial artists who aren’t keen on a helping hand from an outsider.

Prepare yourself for an enthralling expedition as the story unfolds, though, let's be real, when do things ever go according to plan? Zaelen's mission to restore equilibrium transforms into a roller coaster ride of adventure and unexpected twists and turns. In a cosmos shrouded in enigma, mysteries await at every turn, and Zaelen's journey of self-discovery and unforeseen alliances is merely a prelude to the boundless realms of intrigue.

A portal/progression fantasy with a twist that blends Sci-fi with western cultivation fantasy.

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