Have you ever wondered what's behind the hood of a successful pickup? 

What happens when you learn so many techniques, but you actually want to be yourself. Because everyone can cover themselves up, but is that really the point? Is it possible to be yourself and still be successful? Yes, it is possible. Behind the real success with women, there are not techniques, but principles. Deep principles that will be covered in this book. And if you live by these principles, you will be successful no matter what you are.

The book The Way of the Pickup Artist was born two years after the publication of my first book The Art of Being Successful with Women. Looking back in time, I found that there are quite a few things that could be added to cover the whole picture. They are very often subtle, and it is difficult to guess about them, although they are all the time in front of you. One has to devote years of his life to dating and meeting women in order to touch them. But with this book, I give it all to you ready-made. This is an upgrade over what you have learned so far, a new level in the Game. When you study the different methods for picking up girls, you are bombarded with conflicting information from all sides. Everyone has something new to teach you. Sometimes you wonder where to start, you feel confused. Then this book is for you. With it, the contradictions end, because it will teach you to see things in depth. Because techniques are always superficial and contradictory, but principles are eternal.

The book The Way of the Pickup Artist has useful things for everyone – techniques, fun material and even advices for good online game. All this is supported by many field reports and stories. Still, I recommend reading The Art of Being Successful With Women first, where things are better explained for beginners, because this book is kind of a sequel. This book aims to guide and inspire you to what you are about to walk. Are you ready to take the path of the pickup artist? Then it is in front of you.

With this book, you'll learn:

  • Powerful way of thinking that leads to success not only with women but in life
  • How to build attraction with women and maintain it for life
  • The secrets to maintaining healthy relationships and keeping the spark alive
  • Advanced techniques for approaching women and creating strong connection with them
  • How to develop a strong sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Powerful techniques for seducing women by experienced pickup artists with different styles of game
  • Packed with practical advice, real-life examples, and powerful insights from a renowned dating coach and relationship expert

The book The Way of the Pickup Artist was originally published in Bulgarian and has enormous success. Recently it was translated to English in order to reach more people around the world.

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