This book recounts the heartfelt journey of a family that fostered over 100 children, sharing their triumphs and hurdles, and advocates for significant improvements in the foster care system to better support children and caregivers alike.

As parents to four children, there were always extra children visiting our house while our children were growing up. Our house was filled with love and compassion. As the children grew and became adults, I missed the sound of laughter and enthusiasm in the house.

After reading an article in the paper about a foster care agency petitioning for help, I knew that Aaron and I could fill that need. The year was 1994. Over a twenty-five-year period, more than 100 children graced our homes. This compilation shares some of their stories; the success stories and even the challenges. We are only one of thousands of families who saw a need and decided to help. But the fight is far from over.

We need to work on our foster care programs by educating the public about foster care, strengthen the families of origin, help the children to function in foster care without drugging them with medication to control them. More support is needed for case workers and managers, for they have a heavy workloads. We need to help the children to build positive connections before they age out. We are all in this together for these children will one day be adults who are the future of our country.

Remember, there is always room for one more.

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