Sculpt a New You in Just 30 days! Step-by-Step Easy to Follow Illustrated Exercises to Tone Your Glutes, Strengthen Core & Achieve Perfect Posture and Balance

For the resilient women navigating life’s hurdles, this book is a tribute to your strength. May it guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and holistic well-being.

Wall Pilates Workouts for Women introduces a revolutionary approach to “Wall Pilates”, promising a transformation of the body within just 30 days. It targets women who are frustrated with conventional workouts and are seeking an effective, time-efficient exercise routine that can be seamlessly integrated into a busy lifestyle.

Authored by Alex Harper, a certified fitness expert with over a decade of experience, the program is designed to address the specific challenges women face in achieving fitness goals. It offers a strategic exercise selection to ensure comprehensive body engagement in every session, including stretching, balance, and posture enhancement exercises. The method emphasizes short workouts ranging from 5-15 minutes that can significantly tone the glutes, strengthen the core, and improve overall body posture and balance, suitable for individuals at any fitness level.

This pilates book is packed with exclusive bonuses that aim to maximize the efficacy of the Wall Pilates regimen. These include a 30-day full-body workout plan to ensure a well-rounded muscle engagement, biohacking tips for optimizing physical potential, nutrition advice to complement the exercises and aid in weight loss, and over 40 exercises illustrated in color for clear understanding and execution. Additionally, it provides guidance on creating lasting habits to maintain motivation and celebrate fitness achievements.

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