Pray for the Angels Book 1

The winged travelers stared in horror at their treasured Oracle, her great beauty marred by a strange onslaught of sudden aging. Somehow the Angelos had been betrayed, now trapped in one of the lost worlds- a place of old age, death and disease. In her last words, the Oracle warned the pilot, Samyaza, “Do not give in to the primal- or you will face the Thrice-Born!”

Only the beautiful Astara retained immortality, her inner light still linking her to the Creator. Dooming themselves, the others embraced the science of synthetic immortality, creating a slave race of humans to mine the sacred gold needed to perpetuate their lives. Now alone, evil, Astara bonds with a rebel slave, Jacinto, the stonecutter. When the Fall occurs, only Astara would survive the transformation of the Angelos to the Nephilim.

Centuries later, thousands of dark, skeletal wings descended on a 15th century treasure ship. Meanwhile, two desperate sailors watched the ship sink from a few leagues away while, sword in hand, a desperate crew battled the savage creatures in a rain of blood. Soon the two sailors would die, one at the other’s hands, one in the torture racks of the Inquisition. Breathing his last, Rufio Catalan has an angelic vision seen centuries before at another time, another death. Could the dying Rufio be the second birth of the Thrice-Born?

Six centuries later a stunning blonde woman ingratiates herself into casino owner Jason Newhart’s life after a miraculous win at roulette. Falling for Estelle, he is troubled by talk of other lifetimes, feats of levitation and the inconvenient transparency of her fragile body. A harrowing journey to an ancient island leads to a millennia-old revelation, the existence of Nephilim, hideous creatures that threaten the Earth. When Estelle thrusts a sword blaster into his hands, he knows he is, truly, the third fruit of the Oracle’s prophecy.

But when the winged savages demand their newborn son, Jason must fight them in the birthing room of a public hospital. Can the destiny of the Thrice-Born and his angelic accomplice, triumph over the impending apocalyptic avalanche of darkness?


Read online Thrice Born by Carlos Lopez Avery and Johnny Blue Star

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