Minecraft has become a legendary name in the video gaming industry. It’s one of the leading games out there and it’s available on all the major platforms, selling millions of copies all over the world. The open ended game offers countless options and that’s probably the main reason for its popularity.

It's so famous it's even built its way into the cinema industry and just like you've probably guessed already, there are plenty of books based on it too, both official and unofficial. With these thoughts in mind, here are some of the best Minecraft books released lately.

What Are The Most Impressive Minceraft Gaming Books and Novels?

Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat!, by Tara Theoharis (2023)

Building over and over again is not just repetitive, but hard work as well. Every now and then, you need a break, whether you’re celebrating a success or perhaps waiting for some weirdo to quit stalking your main door. This book gives you a bit of everything.

Everything is straightforward and easy to do. It makes no difference what skills or experience you have. You’ll discover some iconic dishes, as well as wonderful in-game recipes to impress your friends and allies.

There’s something for everyone in there. There are meaty meals, as well as veggie or even vegan meals, not to mention gluten free alternatives. Everything’s inspired from the vast world of Minecraft. Furthermore, you have snacks, as well as sophisticated meals or desserts.

There are more than 40 different recipes for all kinds of occasions. I love the creativity in this book and I believe it makes a good addition to every fan’s collection.

Minecraft: Super Bite-Size Builds, by Mojang AB and The Official Minecraft Team (2021)

There are quite a few similar books out there, some of them are unofficial. To me, this is one of the best and most exciting Minecraft books. From many points of view, it’s a guide. But for the more experienced players, it’s an intriguing incursion into a world where everything is possible.

No matter how experienced you are with Minecraft, there’s always something new to learn about. Or at least that’s how it feels to me. There’s always an idea you haven’t thought about, regardless of how simple and easy it seems.

This book aims to trigger your imagination a little. There are more than 20 new projects you can try out in Minecraft. I won’t give you too many spoilers, but how about a pig hot air balloon? How about a monster truck school bus?

Everything is intuitive and explained with step by step instructions. There are lots of tips and suggestions too and, of course, plenty of room for customization.

Minecraft Annual 2024, by Mojang AB and Farshore (2023)

This is one of the ultimate Minecraft books, no doubt about it. Coming out on a yearly basis, this year brings in more ideas, activities, builds, and challenges than any other. The best part about it? You can try everything in the game and trigger your imagination by customizing everything in the smallest details.

The annual brings in the hottest ideas from the previous 12 months. There are plenty of step by step builds and instructions, tips and tricks, thoughts and reviews, you name it. If there’s one thing I can complain about, that’s the fact it only comes out once a year. I could do with a monthly magazine like this.

Anyway, I have the previous releases too, so I’ll just take you through a quick run around what you’ll find in the annual. You’ll have a deep insight into all the new skins, as well as the legends. Learn more about the latest update, as well as survival challenges and treasure hunts.

There are also a few games to try out. If you ask me, it’s something that every fan will love, whether you get it for yourself or a good friend.

Minecraft Legends, by Matt Forbeck (2023)

Time to move on from the guides and ideas, this is one of those Minecraft books that will actually give you a story. Sure, all the graphics are based on Minecraft. You'll also notice the game's influence and references throughout the book. But the best part is the actual story, trust me.

Farnum has always wanted to run a zoo. He’s got a few animals and they’re pretty cute, but they won’t really make a zoo. He knows he needs something that will draw attention straight away, something weird and unusual. But then, he doesn’t like to go out and explore either.

One thing leads to another and he goes out exploring, only to run into a purple portal that takes him to a completely different world. And that’s where the action begins.

It’s one of the most detailed books you’ll ever read, not just Minecraft books. The story is very well written and brings in countless details and plot twists. If you ask me, this is one of those books that should become a movie.

Minecraft: The Outsider, by Danica Davidson (2023)

Definitely one of my favorite Minecraft books. It's a novel, but it's based on Minecraft. I know it sounds weird, but you'll see exactly what I mean. Jeremy is quite new when it comes to potions, he has never really succeeded at brewing one. However, he feels invisible.

He lives in a massive city. Everything around him is big. Everyone’s in a rush, no one ever talks, so he always feels lonely. Besides, making friends has never been so difficult. But at some point, his family meets another family. And they have a kid too, Valda.

Valda is far from what Jeremy hoped to find in a friend, being rude and treating him like a helpless baby.

However, this is the last thing Jeremy will have to worry about. It seems a new zombie species has turned up, ready to destroy everything and steal resources. Jeremy and Valda must forget about their differences for a while and find a solution to this nightmare.

Minecraft: Zombies Return!, by Nick Eliopulos (2023)

Bobbie has an important mission. She has already been through a harsh fight with Logan, head of the zombies. But he’s not gone and his plan is still in place. He wants to take the world over and to do that, he needs to build an impressive army of zombies.

Logan has already turned Bobbie’s brother into a zombie. Her goal isn’t to fight Logan, but to find a cure for her brother. However, somehow, everything’s tangled and multiple ideas revolve around the same general purpose, defeating Logan.

Then, the story takes us to Ben. There are quite a few connections here and I won’t take you through everything, I’ll let you discover the story. But somehow, Logan’s diary leaks out and that’s when things change. Logan’s plans are out, but who can stop the prolific zombie leader?

It all turns into a race. Zombies, on one side, trying to turn everyone into meat. Then, there are heroes, trying to save the world and themselves.

Minecraft: The Village, by Max Brooks (2023)

This is the last book in the author’s trilogy based on Minecraft. Sure, I recommend going through the previous ones too, although you can get a bit of an idea about what’s going on even if you don’t.

The plot is fairly simple to understand. Guy and Summer are about to face a challenge. They’re expert block breakers, but things take an unusual turn when their search for their way home becomes mission impossible.

Exploring the Overworld, they have to face all kinds of scenarios, deserts, and frozen lands filled with unexpected dangers. But then, they run into a community. They love their new friends and decide to settle in to find out more about them. They keep exploring around the village out of curiosity.

However, with so many monsters everywhere, they realize the village is in great danger. When one of the villagers vanishes, they start an investigation. And if you thought their exploration was the actual adventure, wait until you get to the roots of their investigation.

Minecraft Legends: A Hero's Guide to Saving the Overworld, by Mojang AB and The Official Minecraft Team (2023)

This is one of the official Minecraft books, bringing in a story that will impress you and your kids with the countless plot twists.

The Overworld is about to die. Facing destruction from the piglins, everything seems to slowly disappear. You’re the hero though. You need to gather a gang of friends and lead them in a battle against the cruel invasion. The more you wait, the less likely you are to save the Overworld.

This book will give out some impressive strategies, as well as building tips and tricks, fight hacks, and less known details about piglins and their characteristics, by far one of the best guides to help succeed in Minecraft.

Final Thoughts

These are by far some of the best Minecraft books you’ll find out there. Like I said before, there are plenty of different releases, some of them much better than others. As a fan, I’ve been through pretty much everything. This list will give you the crème de la crème of the Minecraft industry.

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