Healthy Sleep Training from Birth to Five

A personal message from the author:

This book serves as a manual on how to sleep train your child successfully with carefully researched tips and instructions which have professional backing. The proper steps to take in sleep training and the common challenges are examined with in-depth solutions given.
Common myths and wrong assertions concerning sleep training are also examined and debunked. The steps and methods are easy to understand and are also child friendly. This book is useful for parents and intended parents alike.

— Mary Simmons

Mommy, I wannna sleep! Sleep Training for Baby 0-5 years: Full Guide about problems and methods for your toddler

Wah wah wah! … honey, the baby’s crying… I know, comfort her yourself, babe … I’ve already got up to her 8 times this night…

Do you remember yourself when you were 2/3/6/12 months? … Why you cried and how your parents comforted you? This book was created as a complete guide for parents-to-be and sleep deprived new parents and their children who really want to rest, but still can’t because of their very little age. In this manual, I gathered my own experience on sleep training my kids, focus group data and research on the problems of children's sleep.

Why our guide is different from other books and how it will really help you to sleep more and gently sleep train your baby?

  • Brief theory
  • No trivial and superficial stuff
  • Working parents, we’ve got your back!
  • Sleep training tips based on your child’s type and temperament
  • Rituals and tips on getting your child ready for bedtime
  • Techniques for children of different ages
  • Most popular questions answered and problems explained

Our guidebook is your ticket to a Land of Dreams!

We have revealed and explained reasons that impede child’s healthy sleep. What questions parents have about the child’s sleep at different stages? We’ve studied social networks and pediatricians’ advice on children’s sleep issues.

  • Sleep training for 1 Month olds
  • Sleep training for 2 Month olds
  • Sleep training for 3 Month olds
  • Sleep training for 4 Month olds
  • Sleep training for 5 Month olds
  • Sleep training for 6 Month olds
  • Sleep training for 8 Month olds
  • Sleep training for 9 Month olds
  • Sleep training for 10 Month olds
  • Sleep training Baby 2 Year olds
  • Sleep training Baby 3 Year olds

In Part Two, you will learn about the differences in your child’s temperament and how it affects sleep; strategies to help your child sleep depending on this.
In part Five, we will share answers to popular questions and give more tips for sleeping: better place to sleep, healthy sleep routines, white noise, treating colic and more.

Still have doubts?
You can walk and yawn, be always irritated, having matchstick eyes and falling asleep in the toilet! But you cannot ignore the health of your child, you will learn the theory of sleep from our guide.


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