Edge AI is a mix of edge computing and artificial intelligence. To keep it simple, artificial intelligence algorithms are normally processed in a local manner. They rely on data provided by devices themselves. Given the incredible capabilities of such technologies, edge AI has no actual limits in terms of potential uses. All in all, whether you want to find out more about how it works or you need to become familiar with its uses, here are some of the best edge AI books out there.

Edge AI, by Xiaofei Wang, Yiwen Han, Victor C. M. Leung, Dusit Niyato, Xueqiang Yan and Xu Chen

Artificial intelligence can seriously change people’s lives. Sure, there are all kinds of negative theories about it as well, but generally speaking, applications and services are gaining more and more popularity. Efficiency is improving with every new application, not to mention latency.

The book goes into small details and analyzes how AI and edge computing are applied simultaneously for a more beneficial approach. At first, they are analyzed separately, but when mixed, they literally complete each other and provide access to a wide variety of new applications.

At first, authors analyze edge intelligence and intelligent edge. Then, they move on to the implementation of various methods and technologies. Learn about interference applications, computing and how to use artificial intelligence to optimize edge. This book will literally open your eyes.

Mobile Edge Artificial Intelligence, by Yuanming Shi, Kai Yang, Zhanpeng Yang and Yong Zhou

This is one of the most advanced edge AI books out there and reveals some of the latest innovations in wireless technologies, as well as optimization solutions to come up with edge AI systems that can actually make the difference. The coverage is quite comprehensive and targets pretty much anything.

To keep it simple, you have detailed coverage on the actual modeling, the design of the algorithm and guides on how to come up with private, reliable and low latency decisions. Artificial intelligence has managed to achieve some impressive success in a plethora of applications.

These days, there is a wide availability of data sets, computing platforms and sophisticated tool kits. Algorithms go in more directions and there is always room for improvement. Authors make it pretty clear that you can reach unimaginable limits with edge computing and artificial intelligence.

Practical Deep Learning for Cloud, Mobile, and Edge, by Anirudh Koul, Meher Kasam and Siddha Ganju

Whether you are an engineer, a scientist or you simply love the idea of edge computing and artificial intelligence, you probably have no clue where to go next. What is the next big thing? What is going to get viral now? This guide is one of the most comprehensive Edge AI books and takes you from scratch.

Practically, you will find out how to develop applications for the cloud, browsers, edge devices, mobiles and so on – everything available with a hands-on approach and step by step instructions. Based on research into award winning applications, authors aim to figure out how to convert an idea into something useful.

All in all, you will learn how to use Core ML, TensorFlow Lite, TensorFlow or Keras. You will learn how to come up with artificial intelligence for various devices, explore different projects and get into their deepest insights, figure transfer learning and browse dozens of tips, tricks and ideas to help in the process.

The Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Workshop, by Bas Geerdink, Chinmay Arankalle and Gareth Dwyer

This book defines the operating principles of a data storage system. It all begins with the data ingestion and moves on to the actual representation. You will understand everything about deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence – as well as the differences between them.

You will also understand the data storage needs of particular artificial intelligence applications – based on various case studies. Furthermore, you can explore and understand how popular data solutions works – from HDFS to S3.

By the end of this book, you will be aware of the importance of architecture and data storage, the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, data storage solutions and practices and the steps to build modern workflow management systems with different tools. This is one of the best edge AI books if you are looking for a manual, but also for a comprehensive guide.

AI, Edge and IoT-based Smart Agriculture, by Ajith Abraham, Sujata Dash, Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues, Biswaranjan Acharya and Subhendu Kumar Pani

This book integrates different applications based on edge computing or IoT, among other different systems. It will help you predict things and develop solutions based on trends. It will introduce you to precision irrigation and horticulture as well.

Simply put, the manual is mostly aimed at those with agricultural applications. It is suitable for farm owners or those who simply turn old fashioned farms into modern smart solutions. Indeed, the information you will learn is invaluable and can be applied in other fields later on.

Authors bring in a medium for new education, inspiration and expertise. They focus on applications and opportunities to solve actual problems – a hands on approach that no other book can match.

Edge Intelligence in the Making, by Sen Lin, Zhaofeng Zhang and Zhi Zhou

Mobile computing has skyrocketed lately, as well as IoT applications. There are smart cities, video and audio surveillance, virtual reality projects and so on. There is definitely a trend and figuring it out is a must.

The frontiers of artificial intelligence are very likely to reach some unusual limits in the close future. Research is still in an early stage, so there is plenty of room for improvement. The book surveys the recent research and showcases current progress.

Practically, it puts you on track and takes you to the latest updates in this industry. Once you have the basics, you will be able to analyze different ideas and solutions yourself.


Bottom line, any of these Edge AI books will give you some valuable insights on how edge computing and artificial intelligence go hand in hand. Train yourself, get up to date with the latest innovations in this industry and gain the knowledge to advance things yourself.

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