Nothing teaches a kid responsibility better than a pet. But without proper education on the matter, things can escalate and not in the right direction. Kids need to understand that pets are family and have feelings, so they must be treated accordingly.

Whether you want to teach your little one more about adoption, responsibility, a pet's life, or how important it is to have a good furry friend, these are some of my favorite children's books on pet adoption. And when I say they’re for children, trust me, they’re just as good for adults.

Some of them will help you understand how a pet sees things when adopted. Just put yourself in your pet's shoes, and you'll see everything with different eyes.

What Are the top Children's books about Pet Adoption?

Ace of Hearts, by Patricia Crumpler (2022)

Ideal for kids under 9, this is another great book for those learning to read or even for those who need their parents to read stories for them. It’s one of those children’s books on pet adoption that will warm your little one’s heart, not to mention educating parents on what abandoned dogs in the USA go through.

The story follows a young dog with a terrible life. The puppy ends up in a frightening place without too many options. Clueless and helpless, the dog manages to make a new friend, an older mountain dog who’s familiar with the area and the instinct for survival.

The young dog learns about every possible danger out there, from coyotes and bears to poisonous foods and even cars. The dog is also enriched with dozens of colorful illustrations to support the dog’s quest to find an owner.

Your kid will learn more about animals, how they live, and the dangers they encounter, ideal if you're getting ready to adopt a pet and you need to introduce your little one to a new adventure.

Cats Don’t Like That!, by Andy Wortlock (2022)

This is one of those books on pet adoption for kids coming in series. It’s part of a collection of three different books, each of them describing why cats are so fussy about everything. Obviously, while it does educate on a cat’s needs, everything’s exaggerated to a crazy level. Quite funny, if I may add!

Cats are definitely adorable, and if you're getting ready to adopt one, your little one could do with a bit of education on their lifestyles. It's imperative to know what they want or dislike. It's not just for your little one but also for yourself.

The book will also bring in some good childhood memories. It's a rhyming tale, it's nice to recite it with your little one, and besides all these, it also features some cool illustrations from Nahum Ziersch. The beautiful designs can certainly complement the crazy story in this book.

Small Things Lil Peter Make a Big Difference, by Tasche Laine and Peter Valdez (2022)

This book is part of a bigger series of children's books on pet adoption and not only. Most of these books follow Lil Peter's adventures, and each of them can teach your kid a few valuable lessons for life. This one's about responsibility, compassion, and love towards animals.

Lil Peter is pleasantly surprised to find out that his friend Christine has a rescue cat. He loves the idea, so he decides he wants to rescue a pet as well. Obviously, he has to ask his mother first, but she’s not sure he’s ready for this kind of responsibility.

However, he gets the chance to prove himself, and that's when the actual adventure begins.

Lil Peter decides to join a local pet rescue center and help as a volunteer, not having a clue about what he’s about to find there. One challenge after another will prepare Lil Peter to stand out. Is he going to get his mother’s approval to adopt a pet? I’ll let you find out.

Ginger’s Forever Home, by Tori Alex (2021)

Plenty of illustrations, nearly 50 pages, and a good story make this release one of the best books on pet adoption for kids under 5. It's a solid story that may feel a bit sad at times, but overall, it’s educational and has a happy ending. That’s all that matters for kids, right?

Ginger is a dog. It's not the happiest dog in the world, though. After all, the animal's life is quite sad. Ginger is still trying to find a family, but no one seems to want the playful dog. However, things are about to change one day when something (or maybe someone) steps into the dog’s life.

This story is not all about cultivating a love for animals in your little one. It's also about understanding how a new pet will adapt to a new life, what it takes to become comfortable, and what you need to do to make it feel loved.

Nana’s Precious Kittens, by Diana DelRusso (2021)

This is one of those books on pet adoption for kids that will take your investment a bit further. Not only do you get to teach your little one about animals and their needs, but some of the profits are also shared with a few animal shelters.

Apart from Diana DelRusso’s captivating story, your kid will also love the awesome illustrations by Kimberly Young. The book is part of a longer series, Nana’s Precious Pets. It's the first book in the collection, and trust me, once you're done with it, you'll want the others as well.

Precious is a lovely cat, about to become a mother. When the owner goes on a long trip, Precious decides to try everything to find her. The cat ends up alone and lost in the middle of nowhere, not to mention the babies too.

Meanwhile, the owner gets back home and can't find Precious. There's a bit of drama in this story, plenty of emotion, sorrow, and adventure at the same time. This book is not all about pets, but also about love and life.

Rocco the Rock Star and the Case of Mistaken Identity, by Rachel Smith and Charlotte Ford (2022)

I wouldn’t always categorize this book among children’s books on pet adoption, but there’s something about it. You have a rescue dog, a fun story, and plenty of adventure. If your kid loves dogs or the idea of a rescue pet, this book will show them how adventurous a rescue pet can be.

There’s plenty of joy in here, so you’ll have a great time reading this book with your little one. Anyway, it’s a fast paced detective story with stunning illustrations. Rescue dog Rocco and Jasper are the main characters, two detective dogs trying to find a thief on the loose.

Like with any other mystery book, there are a few plot twists out there that your kid will love. Nothing is what it seems. Apart from all the action, your kid will learn a few good lessons about courage, patience, and kindness.

The book is ideal for kids under 11.

Rocco the Rock Star and the Flower of Sascut, by Rachel Smith and Charlie Ford (2020)

Rachel Smith is the name to look for if you want some children's books on pet adoption, adventure stories involving animals, and valuable insights and lessons for your little one. This book will teach your kid what confidence means, as well as self-esteem.

Flo is a large rescue dog who teams up with a few other dogs of different breeds. Their plan is to spend more time together, but without having their humans around. They just want to have a good time without anyone telling them what to do.

It's clearly an escape adventure, but more importantly, it's a story that shows Flo evolving from a neglected dog to a courageous front runner. There's plenty of inspiration in this book, and trust me, you'll have a good laugh going through it with your little one.

Bottom line

These are by far the best children's books on pet adoption I've read lately. Sure, there's much more out there, and some of them can be quite dramatic, but they're mainly aimed at adults.

If you want your kid to understand the responsibility associated with a rescue pet, I believe the above mentioned books will get you there in no time. Your little one will also learn a few useful lessons and understand what pets need.

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