Coloring is a crucial part of encouraging kids to learn. It helps them to develop cognitive, visual, and motor skills and also in learning how to recognize, communicate, and categorize things.

As a parent, I was previously worried that my child, who is now four, was not learning colors fast enough compared to my peers' children. But honestly, later on, I came to realize that I had contributed to her slow color recognition and ultimately, her well-being and development. I was not actively encouraging my little to concentrate on coloring enough.

Due to my past experiences, I now know better. This is why I encourage parents to start teaching kids about coloring during their toddler stage. I got to help her later on. Even though I feel she is doing great now, I still wish that I started teaching her early enough.

Are you a parent and are plagued by the worry about how to start teaching your 1-3-year-old how to color? If yes, materials like coloring books for toddlers are an excellent place to start.

Below are a few recommendations that I have put together to match toddlers' interests and abilities as they nurture their creativity, mental and physical development.

What Are the Top Coloring Books for Toddlers and Small Children?

My First Flight, by Mr Jellybean Fuzzpaws (2023)

My First Flight takes children on a journey through the skies, capturing the magic of a first airplane ride. There are over forty unique designs, and the drawings are accompanied by an original poem, and fascinating little facts about flying are sprinkled throughout the book.

What makes it stand out is how it integrates learning about airplanes with creativity. The charming illustrations, combined with fascinating facts about flying, provide an interactive and enjoyable way for children to explore aviation.

Since we have an airflight planned, it might just help with any questions or little anxieties they might have about flying for the first time. The additional features like the accompanying poem add to its appeal, making it more than just a coloring book; it's like a friendly guide to the world of air travel. I'm excited to introduce this book to our child, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they interact with it and what they discover along the way!

Shark Toddler Coloring Book Mommy and Me, by Caterpillar Coloring Books (2023)

This coloring book is an excellent way to introduce toddlers to wonderful coloring with its exciting images. As the title suggests, the book features different sharks, an interesting concept that allows kids between one and four to bring out their inner artistic side.

I like that it has plenty of space to enable young ones to make up their own creations with unique designs and colors. This has been a very practical tool for my child, but what piqued my interest is how the designs in this book have varying complexities. These are suitable depending on how skilled your toddler is. You can use it for different toddler stages.

With this book, your child will find a treasure for future days, and it will also be an excellent way to spend quality time with them- It has an upside-down format which can allow the both of you to color the same picture but on separate pages. Your child will ultimately marvel as you compare your final products, which will be a great learning experience.

Simple and Big Coloring Book for Toddlers, by Ernest Creative Designs (2023)

I strongly feel that teaching toddlers works even better if they learn using things they can relate to. That is why I got this book for my child. It contains hundreds of popular objects that are also named for toddlers to learn about as they have fun and color.

To better the learning experience and help kids categorize the drawings, they have been divided into; home appliances and furniture, vegetables and fruits, animals, numbers, sweets, transportation means, body parts, and a lot more.

I love that these drawings are simple and big enough, which gives toddlers maximum comfort as they color. They are also fun for maximum enjoyment and learning.

This book is diverse and not limited to toddler use. It can also be an educational tool for pre-schoolers.

First Words, by J Alan (2023)

I got First Words for my daughter and her cousin, and it is exactly what I was looking for. They both have had so much fun coloring, and they don’t seem to stop talking about their experiences. The book is fun and highly interactive.

It allows children to color as they learn different concepts about family, nature, play, food, vehicles, and a lot more. Each image has a descriptive word which is an additional way for kids to learn.

This book is ideal for toddlers above two years, and it excellently teaches color awareness, hand/eye coordination, motor skills, and creativity. The pictures and large outlines are deeply engaging to foster imagination. The big and easy words below each picture teach spelling and will also greatly build language comprehension.

I highly recommend getting this book if you have two or more growing toddlers under one roof. It will encourage them to learn and fuel healthy competition for the same as they have fun together.

Adorable Dinosaurs, by Flora Green (2023)

Adorable Dinosaurs takes three-year-old toddlers on an educative prehistoric journey while accompanying them with fascinating discoveries and laughter.

The book features cute baby dinosaur drawings, but it also educates kids with fun-packed facts about them. Help them get amazed by these fascinating tidbits and discover how these creatures once took charge of the earth.

I highly recommend coloring the ancient creatures in this book as you guide your toddler and explain to them various details like dinosaur habits, colors, and sizes. Any curious mind would be intrigued by this book, so create enjoyable and unforgettable family time/moments as you share this exciting adventure with your little paleontologist(s).

Disney Little Mermaid, by Dreamtivity (2022)

The Little Mermaid is a fan-filled mermaid book that does not only inspire kids to color. It encourages them to be more creative and also instills a positive image about what they are and what they can be. It has positive affirmations accompanying the merry mermaids.

These will establish ideas for confidence, capability, love, curiosity, appreciation, brevity, adventure, and more. If we are being honest, these are essential affirmations to teach young ones in their early years, especially in this day and age.

If you are helping your child color, you will see how Araceli has broken down these affirmations to be toddler-palatable. This is a book for mood improvement, relaxation, and positive imagination influence.

Travel Coloring Book for Toddlers, by Artful Illustrations (2023)

We all know how tiresome travelling with toddlers can get, especially if you are on a journey that takes hours. Let’s not even talk about waiting times. These little ones can get really impatient and fussy. That is why most of us have resulted into getting our kids' entertainment gadgets. You must be prepared.

But have you thought about fueling your child’s imagination while diverting their attention accordingly with a coloring book during your travels? This book is the perfect companion for a traveling adventure. It has more than a hundred pictures of cute animals, buildings, and vehicles.

As your child colors these beautiful objects, travel will become a real breeze for you and them. The good thing is that all these visually stunning pictures are relatable to toddlers. They will educate them, and inspire their imagination and creativity. So why not pack those crayons during your next trip with your toddler?

Baby’s First Colouring Book for Girls, by Ace House Kiddos (2023)

Since the toddler stage is a preparation for starting school, it is only right that you make the best out of it. Among the very first things children start learning are numbers and alphabets. How about teaching this to them using color? Fun, right? This is what this coloring book is for.

It has been created for 1+ year-olds to learn everyday words and learn how to count with easy illustrations. I particularly like that the numbers are accompanied by items to help kids count along. The alphabet and numbers are done in large and bold formats, and the illustrations are relatable since they are everyday items. The thick black lines used also excellently help in coloring and boosting coloring coordination.

I wouldn’t say this is a book meant exclusively for girls, like the title suggests. Boy toddlers can also make use of it to learn early pen control, fine tune their motor skills, and improve their hand and eye coordination.

Trucks, by Marcelo J Torres (2023)

Do you have a toddler who is a vehicle enthusiast? If yes, Trucks is an ideal coloring book for them. It has more than thirty illustrations of various kinds of vehicles, big and small. Your child will enjoy coloring any vehicle of their liking ranging from dump trucks and tractors, to cars.

These have all been done in big shapes that feature very thick lines, which I will say is perfect for little hands.

The book has single-printed sides, and you will not have to worry that your young artists will ruin the illustrations with color. As young ones build their colorful masterpieces, they will build an engaging and imaginative play.

Coloring the images in this book has been made easier since the object lines are straight. You know how kids don’t enjoy complicated and cumbersome things.

Marcelo is a graphic designer, and his expertise is displayed all over this book. His work is, however, even more commendable since he has put together designs that toddlers of two and above years can enjoy.

Final Thoughts on the best Coloring Books for Toddlers

Undoubtedly, color recognition is vital for kids’ development. But one of the most important factors to consider is the point/when they need to learn color.

Mostly, children can see colors during their infancy stage, especially the very bright ones. However, toddlers are usually better positioned to learn how to color. We all know how curious they can get. They can absorb information given to them better. Even though they may not really understand the concept of coloring fully, they can begin to tell different hue appearances.

How about you start now with the coloring books I have recommended and see how magical coloring can get for your toddler?

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