A Black and White Study

In Timing of the Rapture: A Black and White Study, author Giancarlo Rodriguez takes readers on a thought-provoking journey through the pages of scripture to unravel one of the most enigmatic and debated topics in Christian theology – the timing of the rapture. This meticulously researched book seeks to peel away the layers of bias and preconceived notions that have often clouded our understanding of this vital aspect of eschatology.

In a world where interpretations and teachings on the rapture vary widely, this book offers a refreshing and objective perspective. The author's mission is clear: to examine what the scriptures themselves actually say, free from the influence of past interpretations and theological dogma. You won't find typical fluff in this book or many opinions, just what the scriptures state.

Key Highlights:

  • Four Main Views Examined: Timing of the Rapture presents an in-depth exploration of the four primary views concerning the timing of Christ's return for His church, ensuring that readers gain a comprehensive understanding of each perspective.
  • Daniel's 70th Week: Delve into the prophecy of Daniel's 70th week, a critical component of end-times prophecy, to uncover its significance and implications for our understanding of the rapture.
  • The Day of the Lord: Gain profound insights into the concept of the Day of the Lord, a pivotal event in biblical eschatology, as the author dissects its meaning and relevance in the context of the rapture.
  • Verse by Verse Revelation Analysis: Embark on an illuminating journey through the Book of Revelation as the author meticulously examines each verse, seeking to discern the presence of rapture-related themes hidden within the text.

Timing of the Rapture is a well-researched and unbiased resource that will empower readers to approach the rapture question with clarity and discernment. It encourages a return to the foundational teachings of scripture, allowing readers to form their own conclusions based on a deeper understanding of God's Word.

Whether you are a seasoned theologian seeking a fresh perspective or a curious believer eager to explore the mysteries of end-times prophecy, this book provides a comprehensive and balanced study that will enhance your understanding of the timing of the rapture. Prepare to embark on a journey that will challenge your preconceptions and deepen your appreciation for the wisdom of the Bible.


Excerpt from Timing of the Rapture © Copyright 2023 Giancarlo Rodriguez


The main purpose of this book is to understand the timing of the rapture while examining the scriptures in an unbiased manner, which I call “the black and white”. We will find this by doing the following:

  1. Review the relevant scriptures with a “black and white” approach, meaning without inserting interpretations
  2. Review some claims about the rapture that are assumptions or presuppositions
  3. Do a verse-by-verse review of the book of Revelation until we locate the event of the rapture.

The intended result is for each of us to be more spiritually prepared for what is to come, to be encouraged and emboldened by the Holy Spirit in your daily walk with the Lord. My personal goal in this study is to provide a solid study while eliminating presuppositions, especially what I or many others were taught about the rapture in the past by pastors, family, or preachers.  Some of this material will REALLY challenge what you have been taught and other parts of the material will be things that maybe you never even heard of before.

Why should we be focusing on end times and Revelation? Scriptures show us the following:

Revelation 1:3 NASB –  Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it; for the time is near.

Hosea 4:6a NASB – My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

So first, I want you to be blessed.  But notice Jesus provides a condition to be blessed.  Reading the words of prophecy alone do not yield blessing, but those who read and take heed of what is written will be blessed.

Second, I want your faith to grow and your trust in Jesus to increase.  After we walk through this, we will understand how much more we need Jesus than we currently do.

Third, I don’t want anyone to be deceived by teachings of the past or lack of information.  As scripture says, God’s people perish/are destroyed due to lack of knowledge.

Fourth, I want all of us to be ready spiritually for the times that Jesus warns about.  Being ready is important.

It is my intention that we all remain spiritually awake of what the scriptures tell us.

I highly recommend each of you prays before reading each chapter and if possible, do at least a partial fast or full day fast 1 day per week as you read this book.  Ask the Lord to speak to you and ask the Holy Spirit to give you discernment and understanding as you read. I will also add that all scriptures written out, unless otherwise written, are from the NASB translation.


There are 4 main views regarding the timing of the rapture as an event that is still to come.  There are a few other views that consider there is no rapture or that the rapture occurred many years ago, but we will be focusing on the future views only. In the next few chapters, we will cover the general particulars of each view.  Of course, there are people who may accept one of the views but believe in additional differences than what I have written, but we will be focusing on the generally accepted ideas within each view.

  • Moderate popularity
  • Teaches church will be raptured right before the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week
  • Teaches the rapture event will be at an unknown day and hour so long as it happens before Daniel's 70th week
  • -Church will miss all tribulation and the great tribulation from antichrist and all of God’s wrath that follows -Considers all “negative” events as part of the 7-year end times period
  • Believes no signs required at all before rapture can come -Usually believe the rapture will be an invisible event
  • Least common view
  • Teaches church will be raptured exactly in the middle of the 7 years
  • Church will experience tribulation in first half of 7 years but will experience no suffering in the second half because church will be raptured at mid-point
  • Considers 1st half as tribulation suffering for saints but second half God’s wrath for wicked
  • Moderate Popular view -Teaches church will be raptured at unknown day or hour after the end of the first half of Daniel's 70th week
  • Church will experience tribulation in first half of 7 years and Great Tribulation period which is part but not all of the 2nd half of the 7 years
  • Church will not be present and will not experience any of God’s wrath which takes place after the great tribulation concludes
  • The church will face tribulation from the antichrist through the end of the Great Tribulation and will be raptured at its conclusion before God's wrath is poured out on the wicked
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