Fantasy comics have always been a popular genre among comic book fans. These comics are known for their imaginative worlds, captivating characters, and adventurous plots that allow readers to escape from reality and enter a magical realm full of wonder and excitement.

Fantasy comics often feature epic quests, battles between good and evil, and larger-than-life heroes and villains. But sometimes there are only motives picked from fantasy worlds like a character, which will make the whole story absurd and entertaining.

These fantasy sets allow readers to explore new worlds and experience fantastical adventures that are not possible in the real world. These fantasy comic books providing an escape, and these complex themes and motifs resonate with readers on a deeper level. They can explore issues of power, morality, and identity, and provide commentary on real-world issues in a way that is accessible and engaging.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of the fantasy genre or simply looking for an engaging comic story, the following list may give you some fresh ideas what to read next:

What Are The Top New Fantasy Comics You Should Read?

Deluge (The People That Melt in the Rain Book 1), by Carolyn Watson-Dubisch (2023)

Welcome to the Town of Deluge is a great pick for young adult readers who are into paranormal stories. The book takes you on a journey with 12-year-old Laura, who moves from Seattle to a weird little town called Deluge. Right off the bat, it's clear this place is not your average small town – frogs literally rain from the sky when Laura and her mom arrive!

The neighbor's house is another highlight. It's filled with odd trinkets and small, mysterious creatures that seem to lurk in the shadows. It's like every corner of the house holds a secret, making you want to explore more.

What makes this comic book stand out is how it mixes paranormal elements with the heroine's life. It's not just about weird events, it's about how Laura deals with all this strangeness while trying to fit in.

Deluge YA Paranormal Comic

The Dragon in the Closet, by Carolyn Watson Dubisch (2023)

The Dragon in the Closet is a middle-grade comic book that follows the story of Orin Bean, a boy who just wants to be a normal kid, but finds himself running for his life due to a family curse. His only hope is a dragon that he discovers imprisoned in his Nana's closet.

The comic book takes readers on a magical adventure through a fantastical realm where anything is possible, featuring charming artwork and an intriguing use of magical creatures. This compilation includes the first three issues of the series along with three new chapters from the fourth issue.

I need to say that it's definitely a fun and entertaining read that will capture your imagination.

The Dragon in the Closet fantasy comic

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, by Dojyomaru (2017)

The story revolves around Kazuya Souma, who is summoned to another world and unexpectedly becomes the ruler of a nation. As he strives to rebuild the kingdom economically and militarily, he also finds himself engaged to the king's daughter.

Souma recruits a group of wise, talented, and gifted individuals to help him in his efforts, and the story follows their journey as they navigate the challenges of ruling and governance through a realistic lens.

This fantasy comic book marks the beginning of a unique, transferred-to-another-world administrative fantasy series.

Stay in Bed and Stay Out of Trouble, by Joshua Wright (2022)

Introducing Slack Wyrm's fifth book, a full-color compilation of the increasingly popular online comic series featuring the mischievous red dragon, Ferragus Slackwyrm.

This volume showcases memorable moments such as Lord Edgegod's debut, the Slackwyrm Keep badminton tournament, the retrieval of the magical Black Forest cake, Red Doris's rise, and the Great Gretch opening her own bank.

Immerse yourself in the delightful escapades of this smarmy, sneaky, cynical, lazy, and lovable dragon by adding this book to your collection.

Stay in Bed and Stay Out of Trouble fantasy comic

Heaven Hunters, by Ted Graves (2022)

Savina and Nira, two demons, are tasked with the unusual job of killing angels who descend to Earth. Their battlegrounds range from New York City to the futuristic streets of Sheol. When a seemingly impossible portal emerges, threatening to break the barrier between Earth and Heaven, the stakes are raised as judgment day looms near.

As Earth's only hope, Savina and Nira must confront their own sins while defending their world and the realms beyond. With time running out, these demons find themselves in a race against impending doom, fighting to save both the mortal world and the celestial plane from catastrophe.

Tales of the Orishas, by Huog Canuto (2023)

Tales of the Orishas is a fantasy-adventure graphic novel that weaves together Afro-Brazilian legends and mythology to create a thrilling story of high adventure. Set in ancient times, the story follows the lives of deities and heroes who once walked among men and fought battles, teaching them the ways of creation, land, iron, and fire. Some were born in the aiye, while others descended from the luminous Orun to fulfill their destinies. The story centers around a celestial battle between the gods of Brazil and a conquering force led by a malevolent overlord, with Shango, the god of fire and thunder, as the key to victory.

Hugo Canuto, masterfully brings these legends to life with stunning designs and a vibrant color palette, showcasing mythology as a powerful tool to unite people from different backgrounds. The fusion of the pantheon of the African Diasporic religion of Candomble with the Silver Age comic aesthetics of Jack Kirby creates a unique and riveting tale that highlights the intensity of love and power that the deities and heroes possessed.

Tales of the Orishas is a bright and brilliant tale that reminds us that there is something greater to unite the peoples of Earth, and that mythology can serve as a powerful tool to bring us together.

Midnight Witch, by Rodrigo Monteiro (2023)

This fantasy comic undertakes on a journey to find her mother and is faced with the darkest shadows and wounds of time. By overcoming her adversaries, she receives guidance that directs her towards her ultimate goal. During her travels, Leona visits various European locations in the 18th and 19th centuries, encountering alternate realities.

In one such reality, she comes across a village devastated by a pack of werewolves. After vanquishing the monstrous creatures, Leona and her companion Karmen seek answers from the king, only to bear witness to one of the most horrifying sights ever imagined.

Final Thoughts on new YA Fantasy Comics

Fantasy comics provide a wonderful escape into magical worlds full of adventure, excitement, and imagination. If you're a fan of the fantasy genre, be sure to check out the above comics and experience the thrill of new adventures, epic battles, and unforgettable characters.

No matter what your age or interests, there is a fantasy comic book out there for everyone. So, pick up a copy and dive into a world of magic and wonder today!

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