480 Codorus Street Book II

The book chronicles the journey of Sandra, a young widow and mother in 1949 York, Pennsylvania, offering insights and inspiration to young women and teen moms grappling with adversity, as she reflects on her challenging past and the lessons learned about overcoming abuse and finding forgiveness.

It is a continuation of the life story of a young Negro girl who was born in 1949 in York, Pennsylvania. She had become a widowed 19-year-old in 1969. It is not a book of fiction, but a book to challenge those young women and or teen moms who are in the struggle with taking care of their young children. In this book Sandra opens the door way to her life, for all to see and to learn and know that all things are possible if you just hang on.

She is always looking back and reflecting upon her life of lessons learned. Always struggling mentally to rid her conscious of the bad memories of her father as a dad to her and her siblings as well as a husband to her mother. He was anything but that.

How does one draw the line between punishment and abuse, forgiveness and mercy, justice and fairness? I have asked myself that questions many times.

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