Meghan Quinn is an accomplished author known for her unique blend of romance, humor, and relatable characters. Modern romance and contemporary comedies, that’s pretty much what you can expect from one of my favorite authors, Meghan Quinn.

Get ready to embrace the perfect type of action in the right environment, a bit of humor here and there, realistic love stories, and a deep connection with each of the characters. These are the perfect books for a chilled evening on holiday or a random Sunday afternoon at home.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t classic romcom action, but some present-day work with lots of surprising plot twists. Not sure where to begin? Let me introduce you to some of my favorite Meghan Quinn books and a few words on each of them.

Who is Meghan Quinn?

Meghan Quinn is an emerging talent in the world of romantic comedy writing. Hailing from Southern California, Meghan received a full-ride scholarship for sports but graduated with a degree in Human Development.

After a long commute to work, Meghan started writing as a way to cope with boredom and the talking people in her head. That’s how her first novel, Caught Looking, was born. Since then, she has published many books that are full of humor and multiple points of view.

When asked in a past interview if she sees writing as a career, Meghan replied with a resounding “hell yes!” She loves writing standalones and romantic comedies, and her readers love her for it. Meghan’s advice to other writers is to spend money on an editor, they are worth it, and to her readers, she says thank you for being a part of her stories and falling in love with her characters.

What are the top Meghan Quinn Books?

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He's Not My Type, by Meghan Quinn (2023)

He's Not My Type is a captivating romance novel that I found both heartwarming and frustrating in equal measure. The central premise of the book, where the protagonist becomes roommates with Blakely White, the girl he's been secretly in love with, sets the stage for a tumultuous and emotionally charged narrative.

The story is told from the perspective of a lovestruck man whose teammates, in a well-intentioned but somewhat misguided attempt to play cupid, offer him advice on how to win Blakely's heart. This advice, ranging from not wearing a shirt around her to cooking dinner, adds a layer of humor and relatability to the story. The protagonist's internal monologue, filled with confusion, longing, and a touch of desperation, resonates with anyone who has ever been in love.

What I found most compelling was the ‘fake date' plot twist, where the protagonist offers to be Blakely's date at a wedding to make her ex jealous. This part of the story is beautifully written, filled with moments of intimacy and vulnerability that are both sweet and heart-wrenching. The author does an excellent job of building tension and chemistry between the characters, making their interactions both believable and engaging.

Vacation Wars, by Meghan Quinn (2023)

Tessa is ready for a great time. Her sister is about to get married. Meanwhile, she's about to have the perfect holiday in Santorini, the ideal spot for beautiful sunsets, Greek hospitality, and good looking men. It sounds perfect, but her sister has a different plan.

What looked like a girls' holiday turned into an adventure to find a lover. Tessa’s sister is determined to help her find someone. And then, she had a deal back in high school. She was supposed to find the love of her life before her sister actually gets married.

Luckily for Tessa, her childhood crush is also in Santorini, working in a local resort. But Myles has other problems to think about. He’s excited to meet Tessa again, but he also needs to solve a business conflict with his father.

As they start reconnecting, Tessa and Myles realize there is something there. However, it takes a bit of work to renew old feelings, especially if they want to turn their holiday fantasies into real love. I won’t give you too many spoilers, so I’ll let you read the book to find out what happens.

The Way I Hate Him, by Meghan Quinn (2023)

After a difficult period that included failing her last semester of grad school and getting dumped by her boyfriend for being “boring,” the narrator finds herself seeking revenge. She steals a box of cherished possessions from her ex-boyfriend with the intent to rat him out to its true owner, Hayes Farrow, who is both her brother's nemesis and inexplicably attractive. However, her plan backfires when Hayes catches her and offers her two options: face the police or work off the crime.

Opting for the latter to avoid jail time, she starts to work for Hayes and surprisingly begins to develop feelings for him. This new relationship is further complicated by her brother's strong disapproval, leaving her caught between her newfound feelings and family loyalty.

In this small-town narrative, the complex interplay between failed ambitions, revenge, and evolving relationships lends depth to what could have otherwise been a typical romantic story. The emotional struggles of the protagonist offer a nuanced look at the challenges of balancing familial loyalty and personal growth.

Right Man, Right Time, by Meghan Quinn (2023)

This is the third book in The Vancouver Agitators series and one of my favorite Meghan Quinn books. Of course, it makes more sense to go through the previous releases first, it will give you a few clues about the characters and their history.

Anyway, this story is written from a personal point of view, so you’ll be in the main character’s shoes. And the beginning puts you in a pretty awkward situation. What can be more annoying than running into your ex? The problem is even worse when you know your ex is going out with your nemesis now.

Overwhelmed with panic and discomfort, she went for the first guy she saw at the bar and jumped on him. A deep kiss and the beginning of a lusty passion. After all, he was by far the most attractive man around there.

She was happy he did him a favor, but now she owed him. That’s how she ended up in a fake relationship with a hockey player. At first, it looked alright, but things got complicated later on. Whether good or bad, I’ll let you find out yourself.

A Long Time Coming, by Meghan Quinn (2023)

The third book in The Cane Brothers series won't let you down, I promise. A bit of action, a little humor, and a conflict with many plot twists, that's what you're going to get from this book. This is another book written from a personal point of view, one of Meghan Quinn’s signatures.

Anyway, Lia's about to get married, and she's far from having everything ready. So she recruits her best friend to help out. He obviously accepts, but the real struggle is not with the actual planning. Instead, it's all about how their relationship evolves.

The closer they get to the wedding day, the more unusual the relationship between them becomes. Something is clearly wrong, but he can’t tell what. Then, it hits him. He’s in love with Lia, his best friend. And he wants Lia for himself only, yet she's about to get married, and he's seeing someone else.

Will he go for it? Is he going to prove Lia that he’s the right man for her? There’s also the option to swallow it and hope this temporary crush goes away. I’ll let you find out what he decides, but I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced something similar in life, so it’s interesting to see what’s going on.

Resting Scrooge Face, by Meghan Quinn (2022)

This is one of my best recommendations for Meghan Quinn books, especially if you’re not into long series. The story follows Nola, who’s just experienced an ugly breakup. Christmas is coming, but she doesn’t want to do with it.

And to make everything even worse, Caleb is also in town. He broke her heart years ago, but she still has something for him. Anyway, one day, Nola gets a letter from someone who's in the exact same mood. Just another Scrooge. She has a new friend, and the two start exchanging letters.

What she doesn’t know is that the other Scrooge is actually Caleb. The two must determine whether they can start a new life by getting to know themselves first, or they'll let their past ruin their future.

Untying the Knot, by Meghan Quinn (2022)

A love story turns into a nightmare. She’s married to Ryot Bisley, one of the most attractive men in town and a former baseball player. He used to be a rough man, but she managed to make him softer. The beginning of their relationship was far from what a woman would expect, though.

More than a decade into their marriage, the man she used to love is no longer there. His frowned face is back. He’s grumpy again, not to mention his rough attitude. He feels lonely after baseball and tries to build a new life, but she wants more from him.

She decides to divorce, but that’s when everything changes. He refuses to accept her divorce papers and starts a new game to bring her back into his life. Is he going to succeed?

Runaway Groomsman, by Meghan Quinn (2022)

Sawyer Walsh works in Hollywood. He’s a popular screenwriter with a good eye for good stories. But no matter how good he is at spotting good love stories, his personal love life is terrible. It’s so bad that he even sees his ex getting married to his best friend.

The Hollywood pressure is simply too much for him to handle, so he decides to take a break. So said, so done, Sawyer ends up in a small town in California, where he meets Fallon Long. She runs a local tourism business, and Sawyer ends up living in one of the business residences.

Fallon has a goal, bringing the family business where it was years ago. And when Sawyer tries to help, she thinks he’s just another superficial Hollywood worker who’s looking for a good time. However, he’s ready to prove her wrong, even if that means adopting a new lifestyle, away from fame.

Royally Not Ready, by Meghan Quinn (2022)

The first book in the Royal series won't let you down. It's one of the best Meghan Quinn books if you like a few plot twists, a bit of romance, and a little mystery. Anyway, her story is fairly simple. She sells bikinis out of a truck in Miami for a living. It's a good business until one day, when Keller approaches her.

The interaction is quite surprising because he has a very strong British accent and an unusual suit. He kept talking about her home country, but he did it with a cold attitude that no one could figure out. Everything changed when he mentioned her mother’s name.

At that point, she knew he wasn't just a weirdo, despite acting like one. One thing led to another, and there she is, in the middle of nowhere, in a country she's never heard of and ready to discover that she's actually the princess of a freezing land.

The Reunion, by Meghan Quinn (2022)

Martin and Peggy are ready to celebrate their 50th anniversary, and their three children obviously have to attend too. Sure, their children are grown now, but they've always tried to be role models for them and show them that love can last forever.

With all these, their three children fail to find love. Ford is all about work and career. Cooper has just divorced, and he can't get over it. Palmer, on the other hand, loves to travel and wants the old school hippie lifestyle, rather than marry some local doctor.

What they don’t know is that their lives are about to change. As they come together to celebrate their parents, they’re about to experience new rivalries and old feelings. And this wild ride may just as well bring in some new potential partners for them, who knows?

Inspiring Quotes From Meghan Quinn Books

There comes a time in a girl’s life when she has to reach deep down into her soul, clear the pathways of her inner goddess, and let out her nuclear Satan.

―Meghan Quinn, The Mother Road

Be kind. Be Courageous. Do good. Own you. And Prove your existence.

Meghan Quinn, Dear Life

Just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, when you don’t think there’s any way you could climb the mountain again to find happiness, you stumble across a trail, one that has its bumps and bruises, but offers a gorgeous outcome.

Meghan Quinn, A Not So Meet Cute

Final Thoughts on the best Meghan Quinn Books

I could go on with this list of Meghan Quinn books, but these titles will definitely convince you about her style. I can’t really describe it in words, but there’s something special about this style. It's relaxing, peaceful, and ready to bring in some good vibes.

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