Quest for Money, Purpose, and Love

Let go. Trust. Receive.

That is precisely what Max had to do. He felt stuck in his life and was yearning for something more meaningful. After years of working in investment banking in Frankfurt, London, and New York, he finally pulled the trigger to quit his jobor rather, ego-identity? What followed was two years of world travel, significant personal transformation, and rediscovery of our true essence.

His travel memoir spiked with insights on spirituality and life wisdom, takes you, the reader, along the journey with him. In Max's Quest for Money, Quest for Purpose, and Quest for Love, you will see what he sees, feel what he feels, and grow with him.

While he gained and lost a lot along the way, he eventually realized what is really important in life: Supporting people in needspiritually as well as financially. With this book, Max hopes to achieve exactly that. Each one of you will be interactively involved in the decision process.

Welcome to a new era of print utility and governance!

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Excerpt from Two Years © Copyright 2024 Max Tower


Do you know the feeling of being stuck in your life? That you have achieved everything the external or material world has to offer? And that you are seeking something more meaningful? Each one of us will have to face that exact feeling at some point in our lifetime. We have lived our lives in conformity with society’s standards and should theoretically be satisfied with what we have or have achieved: Good degrees, a more or less satisfying job, house and car, close circle of friends, and maybe our own family. Yet we feel that something is missing. That we are not whole. We might be able to suppress those feelings and emotions for a while with even more external distractions, but we will ultimately come back to where we started. We realize that a life from the ego-perspective is no longer sufficient; therefore, we need to look for answers elsewhere. The journey inward commences.

We want to understand what life is about. Why we are here on this planet. What our purpose is. What unites us all. However, nobody taught us in school, at work, or in sports clubs how we should approach this phase of our life. What we are “trained” for is to live our life as the ego-self, oriented toward and dependent on the external world, as the acquired personality that we confuse with our real self. We think that we are our ego, our thoughts, beliefs, and patterns. We get raised to see ourselves as matter—the physical body that is separate from others; you versus me, competition rather than oneness. We identify with our age, gender, weight, ethnicity, job, or financial status—falsely assuming that these factors are what makes “us”, while they are actually just illusory identifications to an artificial construct predominantly created by society. What we don’t get taught, on the other hand, is that at the elementary core, we are indeed all the same. Our essence is none of the factors mentioned above. When we strip those away, all that is left is what we truly are: Pure consciousness and energy.

While we are born as “pure” creatures without an ego-identity, undisturbed by identification and thought patterns, we usually unlearn this way of living over the decades to come. We follow the accepted norms and let our ego determine how we act, think, and feel. Until we reach the point where we have enough and start longing for more. Each one of us must go our own way to rediscover who or what we truly are; there is no “one size fits all” approach for this (yet). For this, we must temporarily leave rationality, logic, and numbers behind and switch to feeling, trust, and intuition instead. We have to face our darkest shadows and fears to come out into the light at the end of the tunnel, accepting and integrating our new paradigms. The journey is not always an easy one, but it will eventually be worth it; the only way out of fear is through the fear.

We then understand that we are the creators of our own future—that everything is possible. Our own thoughts and emotions play a significant role in how we create and perceive reality. We are more powerful than we think we are, but we have to (re)learn to go beyond our physical bodies, not limited by space and time. Energy and frequency help us to communicate on a level beyond the perceptible, constantly shaping the life we (want to) live. We undeniably live in changing times, with people around the world waking up, longing for something else, something more meaningful and powerful, outside of our traditional way of life. The exact same thing also happened to me.