A Journey Through Think and Grow Rich

Dive into the timeless wisdom of Napoleon Hill's classic and discover a fresh and invigorating perspective that will transform your mindset and empower your pursuit of success.

Drawing on the extensive teachings of Bob Proctor, this remarkable book combines the foundational principles of “Think and Grow Rich” with Proctor's profound insights on unlocking the human potential for abundance. Brian McGinty's deep appreciation for Proctor's lifetime of wisdom and his own tangible results make this exploration a true game-changer.

Within the pages of this book, you'll uncover the secrets to unlocking your path to wealth and success. Explore the power of desire, faith, autosuggestion, and persistence, among other key principles, and witness how they can revolutionize your life in the 21st century.

Unleashing Your Infinite Potential is more than just a book—it's a guiding compass that will help you realize your deepest aspirations. It's a transformative journey that goes beyond mere wealth, encompassing true success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Begin your personal transformation today. Immerse yourself in the lessons, contemplate their wisdom, and apply their strategies to your own life. Let the beacon of inspiration and the unwavering truths in this book illuminate your path to riches.

Your abundant future awaits—seize it and unleash your infinite potential.

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Excerpt from Unleashing Your Infinite Potential © Copyright 2023 Brian McGinty


This book was inspired by my amazing results over a ten-year period, achieved by using the thirteen principles found within Think and Grow Rich and by having Bob Proctor as my mentor.

In 2013 I found myself homeless, living in a foreign country. I had lost my business. My wife, Emma, was pregnant, diagnosed with chronic fatigue at twenty-seven, and couldn’t work. She had been working as a Christian missionary in Tanzania for seven years, became very ill with malaria, and had to return home.

Her mother had also passed away from ovarian cancer, my mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and my best friend had died suddenly. To say things were bad was an understatement.

By divine intervention, a friend asked me to read a copy of Think and Grow Rich, which I declined as, “I don’t read books”. We all take in information in different ways, and reading was not my favourite.

Thankfully he insisted and explained how I could listen to it free on Audible, so for some reason, I did. To say that decision changed my life is an understatement.

I quickly learned that all my problems could be solved from within, and my results were simply a reflection of my thoughts and actions up to that point. That’s not something many are willing to acknowledge and accept, but for some reason I took that on board.

For anything to get better, I had to get better, and my dire circumstances meant that had to happen fast.

One immediate piece of advice I acted on was to write down what I was grateful for and do it every day. This simple action started me on an amazing road to abundance and happiness that I have been on ever since.

We now have four fantastic children, Emma’s health is improving every year, and we live in a beautiful home in the sun overlooking the Mediterranean. I have grown and developed multiple million-dollar businesses and have total time freedom through multiple passive income streams.

Although I don’t need to work for financial reasons, I know from experience that true happiness comes from contribution and serving others. With that in mind, I decided to dedicate my future to paying it forward and sharing what I have learned with others. Bob taught the principles found in Think and Grow Rich since the 1960s, and it was his sudden death in February 2022 that gave me the urge to pick up his torch and not let it go out.

I could have, and was about to, become one of his consultants when he said something in one of his Six Minutes to Success videos that changed my path. He said, “If a goal doesn’t make you grow, it is not a goal, and working as a sales consultant was not something new to me”. I had been successful in this area with multiple companies over the years.

The thought, however, of running my own company, writing this book, creating courses, and mentoring people globally certainly made me uncomfortable, so that was the direction I decided to take.

Over the years I have completed courses by The Proctor Gallagher Institute, Global Sciences Foundation, NeuroGym, Mindvalley, Tony Robbins, and others, so my practical knowledge in this area is wide and varied. I say practical knowledge because knowledge is not power; it’s just gathering information. The world’s universities have many unhappy, broke professors. Applying knowledge is where the power lies.

More recently I have created my Get a Life Mentoring brand, https://getalife.info, and become a Certified Living the Legacy Mentor in partnership with The Think and Grow Rich Movie company. Our aim is to spread awareness of the principles of the book through movies, global events, and various courses for private and corporate audiences.

One of the first observations I made when introducing people to Think and Grow Rich was that there was a need for a shorter version, especially for “non-readers”. Not to mention the ever-shortening concentration span of the modern-day audience. Three hundred pages or nine and a half hours on Audible was a bridge too far for some, so I set about creating a solution. This was to take the key points from each chapter and distil the wisdom into easy segments with inspiration from Napoleon and Bob, sprinkled with my own thoughts and observations.

My vision for this publication is, therefore, to provide a coffee table overview of Think and Grow Rich that you can pick up and read every day, one that is also short enough for the Audible listeners out there who want to grab a quick chapter while driving to work or doing the household chores.

I will always recommend reading and re-reading Think and Grow Rich at your earliest convenience, as it is something you will want to go through more than once. Bob read the book for over sixty years, and I have been listening to it every week for ten years because we both realised that learning never ends and memory must be refreshed.

A way I like to teach this process is the following: If you are standing at the window, the view from the first floor of a building is different than on the twentieth. Every time you read the book, you climb the floors, getting a better view of the world each time and a different perspective on each chapter.

Life has an unlimited number of floors, so every time you read this book and/or the longer version, you will see something you have not seen before. It is an amazing process and not one I fully appreciated until I started doing it myself.

If you want to get the best from this experience, or the full book, highlight any words or phrases that resonate with you so you can easily find them again. Even better, at the end of each chapter, take ten minutes to write down what you have understood about the information and how you could use it in your own life.

“If you think it, ink it”, and, “The word was made flesh”, are not famous lines for nothing! There is power in saying words out loud and putting them on paper. Try it as you complete each chapter, and I think you will be surprised at the results.

I hope you enjoy and get great value from my first literary exploration and it can set you and your family on a wonderful path to health, wealth, and happiness. With all that in mind, let’s get started and begin to discover more about Napoleon, Bob, and the magic I discovered within Think and Grow Rich.

Brian McGinty

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