Twisted Heritage Book 1

Temperance will grow out of her shell and become the person she is destined to be.

A boy once dreamed of being a hero like his mother, a mother long since dead. A mother they had never gotten to know. Now, that boy is simply trying to survive his life, as he is beginning to learn that one’s heritage can be heavier than he had ever imagined. For with the setting of the sun, his mother’s heritage comes out, leaving the boy a woman…a woman named Temperance. A woman on a crash course with Empathy, and all the chaos she would bring to Temperance’s life.

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Excerpt from What Happens After Sunset © Copyright 2023 Rei Fujishima

This question would be punctuated by the sound of thunderous footsteps, as a girl who was quite probably Flexi, burst onto the scene from some sort of hidden staircase along the far wall.

She took one look at me and I knew it was over.

“So this is the girl you threw away Virtue for?!” Flexi’s wild eyes demanded, looking me up and down before dismissing me and turning her attention back to Empathy. “I guess a beautiful face and a nice body is enough for anyone to want to dis the guy who has stood beside them for years. Virtue is hurting, while you are over here with a shapely pair of legs and tits. I seriously thought you were better than this.”

“Hello, Flexi. This is Temperance, daughter of Solace.” Emp offered up evenly while gesturing toward me. Thank you, Empathy, for introducing me to the world…

“I don’t really care about who your newest conquest is. She will probably last as long as all the others, including me.”

“Then we had better take this outside, because your mom isn’t going to want to watch what is to come next.”

“Going to hit me?” Flexi challenged, hair in disarray, with her make-up smeared. A psycho clown about to set off on a crusade. “Yo, Tits, is this really the beast you want to waste your time on? Someone who will throw you away, when something prettier comes along?”

“Empathy…did you really talk to anyone about me?” I asked, wondering at the insanity of the situation unfolding before me. “Anyone at all? Or did you merely send people smoke signals in the middle of a dark cave and hope they got the message?” Seriously, what exactly was Empathy doing when I wasn’t around? Was she really not talking to anyone at all?

“I talked to Vir, who is the only one this really concerns. At the time, he gave me his blessing, and despite his tears, I won’t change course. So Flexi here is out of her lane. If she’s so worried about stopping his tears, then she should go sit on his face. It’s not my job when I told him at the start that it was not a relationship, only a bit of fun between the two of us.”

“And this is how she talks about someone she has known almost her entire life.”

“Flexi, I’m warning you to stay in your lane.” Empathy growled menacingly. This was not going to end well. Emp had two settings, with me and not with me, and I had yet to see her react with any sort of self-restraint in regards to someone being shitty to me.

“Or what? Are we going to throw down? You overgrown trollish male in a woman’s body?” Flexi snapped back, all but sealing her fate.

“I’ve told you, and you know it well, I won’t be disrespected by any man or woman. I will treat you the same, no matter what you have between your legs. Now, either get your facts straight or stuff up. I’m sure Vir has something you can stick in that mouth of yours if you need some help.” Empathy’s menacing words growing louder by the second to match Flexi’s own intensity. By now, between the two of them, I’d be surprised if there was someone here who wasn’t looking at us. “You can talk your shit around me, and I might laugh it off, but you are putting down a woman I want to marry with all my heart, right in front of me and everyone else. So, I’m telling you as a friend, to consider your next words well. Or you are going to have a one-way trip to an unconscious state.”

Patience placed herself between the two, as though she was a wall, pushing her daughter firmly away from the enraged Emp. “Flexi, what has gotten into you?”

“Vir is falling to pieces, while this woman of the night throws away her friends over a chance to land a high-blooded woman. Call it love, call it fate! When one finds a beautiful witch in front of them, any excuse will do to level up your dating options! Vir gave her friendship, unwavering loyalty and love, and she repays him by pissing in his water cup and throwing it in his face! She doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself!”

“Your daughter has some rather big balls and I’m about to cut them off and shove them down her throat.”

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