White Collar Woman Book 6

The book strips every character in the White Collar Woman series and shows the real motive. Whether good or bad, every individual is somehow linked to Marla Evans. As for Marla, her goal is to only go up. Continuing to build on her small business has brought even more to the table. More than most can chew. There are others in the story having a difficult time of balancing the two.

Stanley is a perfect example. Every time the accountant attempts to go right, there is always something pulling him back in. In another part of the country his ex-wife, Diane is facing the same challenges. They always knew tough times would come, but not in this manner.

A key person that puts the “Strictly” in White Collar Woman 6 is the one and only Gabriel. She is the latest addition to Marla’s ever expanding circle. Not only is she about her business, but she has a way of obtaining anything she wants. Anything. Along with her power, comes gorgeous looks. She maintains a perfect light red tan as if she’s about to do a bikini photo shoot at any minute. This keeps Gabriel at the top of most men list, but only a select few will ever have a chance because Gabriel is strictly business. This Brazilian bombshell definitely has her good and bad in the corporate realm, but it all depends on what you consider to be good and bad. She has a unique way of blending the two together, but all truth must come to the light.


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