A personal message from the author:

I hope you find understanding through my journey. I hope that you become more aware of this difficult disease and you use your knowledge to assist someone who suffers from it.

Lupus is an invisible disease, but the experience isn’t. As you continue to read, you will meet Laelynn, Ululani, Prea, Uriana and Samara all of who deal with this illness in some way. Their names spell the word Lupus in order. In addition to this book, you should know that I have a poem series book called “A Piece of Me” it consists of poetry written by me mixed with my authentic feelings and emotions. I wrote most of the poems during my struggle and pain, which is why they contain lots of emotion and expression.

My first book inspired me to write this drama fiction novel. I had hoped that the emotions that stream from the poems are successful in providing a better understanding of lupus and how it affects the people that surround you in society. Keep in mind that all Lupus sufferers are different. We don’t always go through the same experiences even though we’re battling the same illness. The complications of this disease may vary based from person to person so please don’t assume that these experiences will happen the same exact way to another person who has Lupus.

— Toy Deann

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