Today's science is not able to examine non-material phenomenons, still in quantum physics we do not really understand, how a particle could behave both in matter or energy waveform.

There are personal interviews and researches that wants to proof that we had previous lifes, but the reality we do not know, we do not remember.

However we suspect that life is more than matter, and if its true afterlife is also likely to exists.

In the future or maybe in the past there could be civilizations, who are aware of non material lifeforms. They will have much more insight in the process of how we come to life and leave our current body. For this culture death won't be “a big deal”, experiences will be as limited as for us. So the answer of the question is absolutely Yes, but not in near future.

Most of us does not really remember even on our dreams, where we are using higher “frequancy” forms to experience. In our dreams what happening to us is as real as during daytime, just we learned from others that “it was only a dream”. Every night we die a little bit, and you know waking up is as terrible as the birth itself.