TrueEarth Book 1

A message from the publisher:

Sean uses his complex and varied scientific background (in neurology and cognitive psychology, combined with a keen interest in physics, quantum realities and bioengineering) in a wonderful unique style. He has created fascinating concepts which are approachable to everyone, adding fantastic depth to his narrative style. Even readers who have no interest in science will not lose out with his books, while those who are interested will discover more than enough to titillate those interests. The adventure simply never ceases! Is this a new superhero?

— Bastian and West

You! Yes, you. Come closer–I have a secret to share with you. Well, technically, it's not my secret, it's Bradley's secret, but he has entrusted me to share it with you as it holds momentous importance. Would you like to know what I know? Then read on…

This is a well-kept secret, one of quantum realities and the evolution of mankind through its sciences. I will tell you all about this secret and of a young man who fought so hard against ruthless technological and inter-dimensional enemies to obtain it. A young man who develops amazing human potential through his discovery and his pursuit for answers to questions most of us would shudder at the very thought of asking. It is a secret that nearly wiped out humanity as we know it off the face of the planet. It's also the very secret that helped save us all.

Join me in Bradley's adventures and his battles for our survival. Meet Bradley, Heather, Fred, and Elma as they learn the truth about Planet Earth and mankind, in their desperate struggle to survive.

An adventure unlike any other awaits you… Dare you open these pages and discover the truth of it all?

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