An Empowering, No-Nonsense Guide to Navigating Mental Health Care and Finding Treatments That Work for You

Mental health care driving you crazy?

It should be easy: ask for help, get help.

Far too many people ask but don’t get the help they need. Instead, they get vague advice. Treatments that don’t work. Conflicting opinions. Silence, or worse.

You’ve got questions, but few answers.

How should you move forward?
Diet? Talk therapy? Herbs? Pills? Help!

If your mental health care has stalled, you need easy-to-follow, real-world solutions. Let this honest and engaging guide help you navigate the gaps in your mental health care and find answers that are uniquely right for you.

Break the cycle. Stop feeling powerless. Discover:

  • how your physical health, diet, exercise, talk therapy, medications, cannabis, and natural health products all affect your mental health;
  • strategies to overcome expensive treatments, shortages of family physicians and mental health specialists, long waiting lists, and rushed appointments;
  • critical but widespread mistakes that waste your time and keep you from finding the most effective treatments; and
  • practical tools to cut through uncertainty, make smart choices, fill the gaps your healthcare providers can't, and keep your care on track.

By the end of Your Mental Health Repair Manual, you’ll have a deeper understanding of your mental well-being, all your treatment options, and how to choose between them. You’ll have a working treatment plan, avoiding needless delays. You’ll confidently know how to get from where you are today to where you want to be.


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