How to Build and Repair Your Reputation at Any Age

Your Actions + How Others Perceive You = Your Name (Reputation)

This simple formula is the most powerful leverage you have in life. While people tell you not to be concerned about what others think, that advice only goes so far. Today, we have to worry about how we present ourselves, both in person and on social media. Being sure your actions and words represent your good reputation can help you in all facets of your life.

There is something appealing about someone whose actions are consistently in line with their beliefs. When people know that you are a person of integrity who stands by your word, they will back you up, no matter what. Politics and popularity come and go, but men and women of principle remain.

Your Name includes guidance for people of all ages and walks of life, including children from birth through college, young adults, parents, working professionals and grandparents. There is also information on how your name plays a part in everything from adult friendships to dating and marriage, and how outside influences can impact your reputation. Finally, there is a section that includes tips for rebuilding your name if it’s not saying what you want it to about you.

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