Reflection Series Book 1

Join Brooklyn in the pages of “Missing Reflections,” a spirited 21-year-old ready to embark on a remarkable adventure as she's committed to escaping the reality of her cancer diagnosis by visiting the place her mother called home, the beautiful land of Montana.

In Missing Reflections, we meet Brooklyn, a 21-year-old stepping into an adventure. Facing cancer, she journeys to her mother's old home, Montana. Her exploration of this landscape is compelling. The book covers joyful experiences, surprise encounters, and romance.

This story pushes us to seize every opportunity in life.


Excerpt from Missing Reflections © Copyright 2023 Robert Cavazos

Chapter 1

It won't

Back from the salon, Brooklyn relaxed, while looking at a multitude of her latest fashion magazines. They had freshly painted all of her delicate fingernails with a different flower and with her index finger—the one decorated with a rose—she propelled each of her magazines off the kitchen table.

“Brooklyn, please don't do that, baby. I'm trying to talk to your doctor.” Caroline said, glancing at her.

She kept pushing the magazines onto the floor, not wanting to learn what the doctor had to say. She perceived it had to be unpleasant news.

Caroline placed her finger in her ear. “Is this Brooklyn?” the doctor asked.

“No, this is Caroline Bennett, Brooklyn's mother.”

“I'm sorry, Mrs. Bennett, but I'm not allowed to discuss your adult child's medical information with you.” After a brief pause, he continued, “Is Brooklyn there? I called to speak with her about her test results.”

“She signed all the forms, and you have them.”

“I apologize, Mrs. Bennett, but I am only allowed to review the results with Brooklyn. My name is Dr. Musule. Can you have her call the office when she's ready? Thank you.”

“Don't hang up on me! I just told you, Brooklyn already signed the darn HIPPA papers. You have them there.”

“Mrs. Bennett, calm down, please. This is merely a courtesy call regarding your daughter's test results. I'm sorry to say I cannot legally disclose protected information about Brooklyn's medical conditions to unauthorized personnel. Please try to understand.”

Taking a deep breath, Caroline composed herself and responded in a calmer tone. “Doctor, Brooklyn signed the HIPPA release two years ago when she turned 18. You have them.”

“Let me consult my medical assistant. Can I put you on a brief hold?”

“She signed both the HIPPA and power of attorney!” Caroline stated, losing her composure.

The line went silent, and the repetitious melody of music played in her ear. She waited patiently for Dr. Musule to return.

“Hello, Mrs. Bennett,” the doctor resumed. “I have confirmed your statement. We have the HIPPA release here. I am sorry about the confusion, my mistake.” The doctor paused, and Caroline held her breath. “Brooklyn's results show she now has F-Type cancer disseminated involvement of her lymphatic organs.”

“What do you mean? I don't understand.”

“Your daughter's cancer has progressed to stage four. Sorry to tell you the news.”

Caroline then placed her hand firmly on her belly. “Oh, my God! That can't be true.” She bent over as tears gently rolled down her cheeks and splattered on the floor.

As the last magazine dropped, Brooklyn flipped her perfectly curled, bleached blond hair over her shoulders. She strolled out of the room, not acknowledging her mother on the way.

Watching her walking out, Caroline asked, “Where are you going? You need to

stay.” Brooklyn persisted to walk as if she hadn't heard her mother's desperate plea. Without a response, Brooklyn calmly rounded the corner

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