Zodiacland Book 1

A fun and engaging children's adventure book about aliens, magic, Kung Fu! A great gift for readers ages 6-10.

This is a perfect book for early readers, bedtime reading, and for the young adventure lovers!

Written by a mother of a seven-year-old, the action-packed, imaginative fantasy takes young readers on a magical and courageous adventure, overcoming internal and external conflicts, exploring friendship, and understanding the five values that sustain the Zodiacland world: Kindness, Justice, Decorum, Wisdom, and Faithfulness.

When a seemingly harmless power outage turns out to have a sinister cause, the wars of the past come raging back!

Each tasked with the guardianship of one of the five values, an unlikely group of five predestined Guardians, or “Astro Pals” as they call themselves, must race to unravel the plans of villains and recover the five stones corresponding to their guardianship.

Are they ready for the crisis? Will they save their world from impending collapse? Grab your copy of Zodiacland, and join the quest to save the world!


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