Zombie Apocalypse Series Book 1

After Russian scientists accidentally infect the entire human race with the Z-Factor virus, Colonel Jack Crown, M.D., and Dr. Benjamin Lieber battle zombies, contagion, and a country in chaos as they race to find a cure.

In the Last Days of America, Hope Is Not a Plan

The Russians accidentally infect the entire human race with the Z-Factor virus. Dr. David Kohlberg smuggles his research to his nephew, Dr. Benjamin Lieber, in Washington, D.C. He hopes Ben, a world-renowned virologist, will discover a cure before the zombie apocalypse destroys mankind. Ben summons his response team, including Colonel Jack Crown, M.D.

The Z-Factor virus gains ground. Dr. Grace Waters, Jack’s fiancé, watches deceased patients reanimate at the Veteran’s Administration hospital in Washington, D.C. Rescued by Jack, she flees with him to the top-secret Virginia Outbreak Compound.

Jack and Ben discover that Mark Landi and his teenage daughter, Claire, possess a genetic anomaly that may offer a ray of hope. Jack arranges a rendezvous to escort them to the Outbreak Compound.

But first they must travel three hundred miles through a zombie-filled country in chaos.

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