Crushing Mind Blocks to Become

From the publisher:

This book was written to help people crush mind blocks that keep us from becoming who we were meant to be. We all have something very important to offer. Once we stop hiding behind our LinkedIn headline and resumes, we can confidently show the world what we were created to do!

How do we live positively in a world where negativity sells? How do we control our own thoughts when we're programmed by the media? How do we believe in ourselves when the world tells us we aren't good enough? With all of these unanswered questions, how do we speak light into the darkness?

In this book we learn how to crush these mental blocks. Walk with me as we take a journey of growth together. Let's rebuild our Cycle of Belief. You are enough! Let's change the world for the better.

This book will help you become your best self by:

  • Developing confidence in who you are
  • Eliminating mental blocks
  • Determining how your past can help you
  • Developing your story
  • Eliminating negative self-talk

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