goalsShort vs. Long term goal?

You should keep the big picture in your mind, the right long term goal is always seems unbelievable to achieve at the moment.

The nice thing about long term goals are that you are not aware how it could become reality. That is why we can say we have countless solutions in life.

Why is it important to have a goal?

  1. It is part of our nature, we are constantly want to discover ourselves (Do you remember the Maslow pyramid? Self-actualization is a basic need of people
  2. It gives your extra energy (Goals are giving hope and hope empowers you when you are out of energy, it is like the feeling of the phoenix)
  3. It is to only way to make your dreams come true (Articulate or write your goals down is the first step to achieve them, it is like planting a seed in the ground)

Almost 80% of the adults do not have any life goal any dream to achieve.

Do you know the joke about God and the poor man

One day a poor man got tired from being poor as a church mouse, so he decided to pray every day to God:
Poor man: Please God, let me win on the national lottery, let me win only just once in my life.
The poor man prayed day by day for a month, when the God finally answered to the poor man from the heaven:
God: For God's sake, at least buy a single lottery ticket.

The lottery ticked is the seed, the first step that you plant.

How a long term goal becomes reality? The Process

1. Planting the seed

2. You start irrigate, and the seed starts growing roots

3. The plant starts to grow, and you will see emerging from the ground, you continue to irrigate (2 month)

4. Starts to grow to the sky and grows leafs, you prune the unnecessary twigs (1 year)

5. The first small flowers appear on the branches, you continue to take care about the tree (1,5-2 years)

6. Finally the first fruits appear on the tree

Four steps without any sense of achievement that takes a lot of time and patience.

seed growing 1280x800

Ok, now find the goals

If we speaking about e-sports, we should choose the competitions we would like to take part. In case of Dota 2 it could be the following list:

Star Ladder; ESL One; BOCE; Dreamhack; DreamLeague; TI; …


Put the above tournaments in rank (1-10)

Adjust where you are now in reality


Draw a tube and indicate the different benchmark tournaments on the tube, where winning the TI is the top of the tube, and the minimum is an average MMR.

Now indicate individually where you are on the chart right now, each teammate one by one. It is good if the teammates doesn't see each others mark, just at the end

After the second task is to indicate, where the team will be after 6 month. This will help the coach evaluate the team's expectations and a good feedback.

Short term goals, winning the next match

How to handle the next game?

Never say “you should win this game”, because you will become narrow minded. You are not able to win the match by yourself, it is a team game. What should you do anyway?

Do everything possible, do your best. 

If you starts to wondering in game about losing or winning the game, your brain will start to make bad decisions.