There are no doubts about it – The Eternals will be the next big thing coming from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story revolves around a bunch of immortal superheroes. Just like most other major releases from the studio, this one is based on the comics carrying the same name.

If you loved the Eternals as a kid or you are just getting into it, you should know there are going to be a few differences in the Eternals comic vs movie comparison. Therefore, expect some plot twists and some unusual characteristics. So, what are the top differences between the comics and the movie?

(1) The Eternals are aliens in the movie

The Eternals are just some superheroes in the actual comics. They come together as a band and their role is to protect the world against evil geniuses. However, the movie is likely to bring in a different approach to the story. While not necessarily relevant to how the story goes, the trailer shows a few aspects that will change the characters’ profiles.

If you have watched the trailer, you will see a spaceship coming over. This is because the Eternals do not live on Earth, but they are alien visitors. They come from a different world and they were sent over by the Celestials. The comic book brings in the same characters behind them – basically, they were created by the Celestials. However, they have been created on Earth through a DNA experiment.

(2) Different genders in the movie

It will only take you a few minutes to get used to the characters and embrace their superpowers. Those who have read the Eternals comics might be familiar with them. Three of these characters will be quite different in the movie. Ajak, Sprite and Makkari are all males in the comics. In the movie, they are played by three female actresses – Salma Hayek, Lia McHugh and Lauren Ridloff.

In other words, the movie comes with a significant change. Gender swapping is not that unusual in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has happened before, but never in such amounts. Three characters swap their genders in the movie. Those who have read the comics will find it difficult to adjust to the change. As if all these were not enough, Makkari will become the first deaf superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(3) Some Eternals have lost some superpowers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its superheroes and superpowers. Those who read the comics will notice even more differences in the Eternals comic vs movie comparison. You are obviously used to the superpowers the Eternals have, but some of them will be stripped away. Sure, everyone believes the Eternals will become the most powerful superhero team coming from Marvel, but they are still limited in what they can do.

Initially, the superheroes were created by Jack Kirby. Every character in the team had some incredible superpowers. They could shoot cosmic rays with their eyes and hands, use telepathy, fly around, transmute and so on. They had to use innate cosmic energy in order to use particular superpowers. To help you get an idea, Makkari had an incredible speed, while Sersi could manipulate manner like no one else.

The movie comes with some differences – quite obvious from the trailer. Basically, the new team will be focused on individual powers. On the other hand, shared abilities are no longer a thing. This way, each hero will stand on their own. They still work together as a team, but they are more individual due to their unique powers. This is probably the reason wherefore Ikaris seems to be the only superhero able to emit cosmic beans with the eyes.

(4) Different looks and features

Generally speaking, you should not expect too many differences in the main characters in the Eternals comic vs movie. The modern characters are based on the old ones – similar outfits and powers, with slight twitches here and there. However, there are a few aspects that will make things different. Throughout this journey, the Eternals have a simple task – their role is to protect the planet, as well as the human race.

In order to do that, the Eternals will often have to face the Deviants. These are the eternal enemies of the team. The Eternals look like humans – after all, they are based on the same DNA. They can blend in with no issues at all. But then, the Deviants are different. They need to stay underground. They are ugly and monstrous, so they are likely to give you some chills. Given their appearance, they need to hide, rather than blend in.

According to Kevin Feige – the Marvel president, it looks like the Deviants will represent a completely different race. Sure, they pop up every now and then in the Eternals comics as well, but they are different from what you might be used to. The Deviants will look unlike anything you have seen in comics or other superhero movies. It is a new concept that will surprise you – there are no clues or hints in the trailers so far.

(5) Love is in the air

A modern story will inevitably feature some love as well. There will always be a few good-looking characters who share feelings, even if they are not always openly revealed in the movie – everyone knows it and everyone is waiting for it. There was not much to be concerned about in the Eternals comics, but the movie takes this whole venture to another level – get ready to be surprised with two different love stories.

First, if you read the comics, you probably know Phastos. There is not too much information on his background. He is an important character, but not as solid as the others. No one knows too much about him. The movie is different. Played by Brian Tyree Henry, Phastos is openly gay in the movie. In fact, he even has a husband – played by Haaz Sleiman – and the couple has a child too. Phastos is the first openly gay superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To take the story even further, one of the actors has also revealed that the movie will bring in the first gay kiss in the Marvel Cinematic Universe too. It will be a moving kiss in an emotional moment – quite likely to give you a different view on the characters. It is hard to get the full picture right now because Marvel has not released too many details. If you are a big fan, you probably know already that Mavel takes extreme measures to prevent leaks too.

Now, Marvel will also bring in a love triangle in the Eternals movie – involving Sersi, Ikaris and Dane Whitman. The love story is not modern though. It is a thing of the past. It is something new to the series, as it has never been mentioned in the comics. Ikaris is part of the game too. Again, there are not too many details about the love triangle, but chances are it is going to be a bit spicy and add to the plot twist later on.

(6) Backgrounds and modern updates

In the comics, the Eternals are similar to their own figure – similar to Odin. This strong character has more respect than anyone else. He is Thena’s father as well. Over the past thousands of years, he has managed to keep everything under control. But then, the movie comes with a change. It looks like this character will not be introduced in the movie – another difference in the Eternals comic vs movie comparison.

Instead, Ajak will be given the leading position in the movie. In the original comics, Ajak was one of the Eternals. She had an important task – maintaining the communication with the Celestials. She will retain this responsibility in the movie. But then, she is also the leader of the band – a bit unusual for those who read the comics.

On another note, Kingo was a popular samurai in the original story – he was the only Eternal connected to Japan. In the modern movie, he will no longer be a samurai actor. Instead, he will be a Bollywood celebrity in India. His purpose will be similar though – similar powers, as well as the possibility to use his skills to star in movies.


Bottom line, the new release from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is likely to bring in a brand new story. Sure, many characters are almost identical to the comics and share similar powers. But then, some of their powers have been eliminated. Some of them have different genders and there is a bit of love here and there.

Comparing the Eternals comic vs movie is difficult because all these changes underline a completely new world. Indeed, the story had to be adapted to adjust to some modern principles in today’s society, but fans of the series will find it different and slightly unusual. Set to be released in November, the movie will definitely gain a lot of attention from both fans and critics.

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