Every once in a while, we go through sudden feelings of unworthiness, hopelessness, and slump. Life is not always sunshine and flowers. There are days that all we just wanted to do is to lie down all day and contemplate all of the turmoil and complications happening around us. No one wants to stay like that though, even god. Maybe, one of the reasons why we feel this way is that our spirit is lacking in strength.

Just like our physical body, our spirit is in need to be nourished as well. If you are looking for some inspirations that can help in uplifting your spirituality, here are some of the best spiritual short story collections you can check out to somehow guide you into finding your spiritual strength again.

Transforming Your Life Volume III, by Sai Blackbyrn

In the third installment of the bestseller Transforming Your Life, Blackbyrn introduces us to another life-changing book that will be a guide and solace when life suddenly decides to bring us down. There are times that all we need is a little tap in the shoulder or a pillar to hold unto in times when we feel like giving up is the last resort. It contains 20 astounding stories from coaches of different parts of the world to give us insights into what more life has to offer.

Learn about failures, success, and even overcoming self-doubt. Lift your spirit as you dive into the depths of this narrative, and discover the secrets, tips, and techniques to have a fruitful life.

A Cupcake Christian: 8 Short Stories of Spiritual Inspiration, by Nora Ashton

Cupcakes are one of the most prominent pastries in the world. What do you think is the reason why nearly everyone is enchanted by it? Is it the colorful frosting on top of it? Or the soft, velvety feeling every time you take a bite?

People are like cupcakes. We are often captivated by physiques without knowing whether the inside would be moist or dry. As humans, have you ever wondered what’s inside of you? In this book, Ashton introduces us to a collection of short stories meant to inspire, encourage, and motivate our spiritual life.

The stories show the struggles normal people go through in a lifetime and teach us the Christian ways of coping up and growing in spirit.

Broken Down Jalopies and Other Short Stories, by Sarah Hellman

Although not ideal, it’s not new for people to go through hardships in life. We all have our fair share of sufferings that we only wish to have never experience. Every human face different circumstances. Broken Down Jalopies tells a series of experiences and encounters with unfortunate events in life.

Tough people often happen to be the ones with the most fragile heart. It’s always easier to put on a mask than to explain to other people the suffering we are going through. Capture the ups and downs of living in a new and creative approach by Hellmann. Discover the power forgiveness, acceptance, and love that beholds healing and leaving behind all the baggage from the past.

Rumi: Tales of the Spirit, by Kamla Kapur

Rumi’s classic tales of wisdom just got a modern take rewritten to address the contemporary struggles we undergo. It is inspiring, comforting, and sometimes forthright to nurture the spirit. We are not meant to stay in the dark. Learn how to embrace hardships and acknowledge the hopefulness prayer gives to those who are in deep trials.

In good times and bad times, we are not alone. Problems are the ones that make us human. With a combination of Kapur’s rich perspective, and the timeless author Rumi’s insights, allow yourself to find your worth again, discover what gives you strength, and learn how to still be joyful despite obstacles life has given us.

Memoirs of a Master, by Geoffrey Hoppe

Memoirs of a Master is a sequence of 20 short-lived stories told by Adamus Saint-German, a Master that serves as a guide to his students to lead them into enlightenment. Based on real-life events, this book tackles various issues normal people usually have in their journey. A mixture of humor, wisdom, and compassion is evident in every story of mystery and realizations. You will be embraced with lots of metaphors that will leave you thinking even after closing the pages.

Join Master Adamus and his students in overcoming each challenge and discovering the lessons embedded within each resolution. Full of fun tales about human existence, enter the realms of buoyant humor and deep-rooted wisdom of this book.

When God Makes Lemonade, by Don Jacobson

Lemons, in proverbial phrase, refer to the pieces of stuff we often face as humans. On these occasions, we often ask god, “Why me?”. Perhaps, we already know the answer to that question. Problems come to cause pain but it also goes and leaves us lessons that we can reflect on to be a better and stronger person.

Jacobson offers a collection of true to life snippets from normal people all around the planet that shows how sour events can turn into sweet conditions. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and be amazed. A perfect inspiration when things start to go down. Watch god’s mysterious, but astonishing ways of turning lemons of life into lemonades.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels All Around, by Amy Newmark

Do you believe in miracles? Do you think angels are out there, protecting us? We often expect it on bigger things, like dead people coming back to life, a whole nation lifted from poverty, etc. Sometimes, it’s also in the little things.

Waking up each day is an example. We often forget to thank god for these small moments in life. This only proves that we are not alone, and that divine intervention is real and it helps us develop our faith in god even if we do not see him. In this book, you will be inspired by the selection of stories that tackle the guidance of angels and miracles of god in modern times.


Life in this modern world is so fast-paced, we often forget to stop and take even a minute to recognize what our spirit needs. It's always neglected while in fact, it is the most fundamental among aspects of life. It makes us think, it makes us feel, and most importantly, it is what makes us the way we are. We always seek an ethereal state in which we can rely on when things get a little out of our hands.

Harmony may be hard to find, but it is surely attainable. With the help of the best spiritual short story collection, you will again feel content and satisfied even in the face of an obstacle.

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