A personal message from the author:

If you are feeling the pain negative thinking, low self-esteem, worry, stress, sadness or the uncertainty of during a lockdown, this book will pull you out of painful thought cycles. This book will enhance your state of mind and empower you!

— Paul Tavares

Power Meditation contains both processes & inspirational text designed to help you achieve all your goals and ambitions in life! Why meditate when you can power meditate! This is the rocket fuel to supercharge your meditations and take you to the next level!

The material in this book will help you fly into a zone you once thought impossible to reach! You will learn a compilation of techniques from both the old and modern world of meditation including some ancient practices not very well known in the west!

Whether you want to relax, empower yourself, create better health, lose weight, de-stress or achieve a goal. . . the power to do this really is now yours for the taking!

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